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MYKEY Weekly Report 36 (January 25th~January 31th)

Today is Monday, February 1, 2021. The following is the 36th issue of MYKEY Weekly Report. In the work of last week (January 25th to January 31th), and we list several tips on using MYKEY for your study and reference.

1. What public chains does MYKEY support, and how to enable?
MYKEY supports EOS, ETH, TRON, BTC (the custodial account), and DOT (the custodial account). Enter [Me]>[Account and Security] > [View Account Address] to select the enabled blockchain and click [Enable].

2. Does MYKEY support cross-chain Swap?
Yes, you can swap USDT between Ethereum, TRON, and EOS from [Home] > [Swap Token].

3. How to top up the Network Fee?
Enter [Me] > [Network Fee Balance] > [Top up], select the token and amount to pay. (PS: Network Fee is required when topping up the Network Fee.)

4. What to do if the Network Fee Balance is negative?
If the Network Fee Balance is negative for the available account, you can top up it yourself. If there are no available tokens in the wallet, you can contact customer service to top up for you.

!!! If you encounter any abnormal situation while using MYKEY, remember not to uninstall MYKEY APP, please contact MYKEY Assistant: @mykeytothemoon in Telegram.

!!! Remember to keep the 12-digit recovery phrase properly from [Me] — [Manage Account] — [Export Recovery Phrase] in MYKEY even if your account is not real-named.

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