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MYKEY Weekly Report 16 (September 7th~September 13th)

Today is Monday, September 14, 2020. The following is the 16th issue of MYKEY Weekly Report. In the work of last week (September 7th to September 13th), there are mainly 3 updates:

1. HashKey Hub&MYKEY launched the new period of BTC financial products

MYKEY and the third-party partner HashKey Hub launched a new period of 5% BTC 30-day regular financial products on September 8, 2020. Both parties will further deepen cooperation and jointly explore the development of digital currency financial products.

2. MYKEY officially supports TRON and starts a public beta, airdropping 80,000 TRX to users

From September 8, 2020, 12:00 to September 15, 2020, 12:00(UTC+8), enable MYKEY Tron accounts during the activity to get 10 TRX, for details, please click:

3. The seventeenth MYKEY Crypto Stablecoin Report was published

We release MYKEY Crypto Stablecoin Report every week to share our interpretation of the development status of stablecoins and analysis of their development trends to help the participants in the crypto market stay updated on the development status of stablecoin. The seventeenth Crypto Stablecoin Report was published on September 10th, click to read:

!!! If you encounter any abnormal situation while using MYKEY, remember not to uninstall MYKEY APP, please contact MYKEY Assistant: @mykeytothemoon in Telegram.

!!! Remember to keep the 12-digit recovery phrase properly from [Me] — [Manage Account] — [Export Recovery Phrase] in MYKEY even if your account is not real-named.

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