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Open Finance Conference is officially Launched

Open Finance Conference (OFC) is a global open finance conference co-hosted by ChainNews, Winkrypto, Bihu, MYKEY and D1 Ventures, and is committed to providing an open platform for developers, investors, opinion leaders and De-Fi enthusiasts. OFC will encourage idea exchanges and business links between East and West, on global blockchain financial innovations. With a community-driven new model, it will release the power of DeFi fever in China and rest of the world.
OFC Season One will run throughout August, and 10+ top Chinese cryptocurrency communities will vote for the “Hottest Open Finance Project”; dozens of DeFi projects will also make public appearances via online video conferencing to talk about the future.

Gathering Key Players of DeFi Eco-system

1. DeFi projects
Layer 1 chains, stablecoins, lending, trading, DEX, AMM, on-chain assets.

2. KOLs
Key opinion leaders from Fintech, blockchain, and traditional finance.

3. Heads of Communities
Heads of top crypto communities in China. They are believers, early adopters, most importantly token holders.

4. DeFi Eco-System Contributors
Wallets, interfaces, CEX, middleware, coding safety.

5. Media
Top Chinese crypto and fintech media.

6. Investors & Researchers
Investors behind De-Fi fever; Researchers who tracking the field, providing insights.

Voting for hottest DeFi projects and discussing in live steam panels are conducted simultaneously

Votes and social buzz in top cryptocurrency communities

Top crypto communities in China (incl. Bihu, Real Satoshi, 499, ETH Planet, etc. ) vote for Hot DeFi Projects rankings. Alongside voting, project review, idea competition, user case stories… all kinds of interactions will occur in the season.

Live stream conference

2–4 live stream panels each week, lasting for 4 weeks, live stream types including:

  • One-on-one Talk: In-depth talk, 1 host with 1 guest.
  • Panel: Discussion on specific DeFi topics, 1host with 4–5 guests.
  • Speech: heavyweight guests and exclusive speeches.
  • Roadshow: LongHash Ventures will bring a roadshow of 6 open financial projects that will be incubated.


The agenda for the first week of the conference has been announced. They are:

14 Aug Launch Day

  • Roadshow: LONGHASH Virtual Demo Day: A New Pattern of Open Finance
  • Panel: Top Projects
  • Panel: Chinese community KOLs

Start Voting for the「DeFi Project Leaderboard」

The second to fourth week of the conference will also bring:

  • Panel: Stablecoin
  • Panel: Wallet & interfaces
  • Panel: DEX & AMM
  • Panel: CEX & CeFi
  • Panel: DeFi Supporting Chains
  • Panel: Investment (China)
  • Panel: Investment (West)

Finally, OFC will announce the results of the first quarter of 「DeFi Project Leaderboard」and review of rankings.

The conference is a gathering of top resources, shares cutting-edge ideas and inspiring insights, and builds community consensus. The agenda of the conference is still being enriched, and more celebrities and panels will continue to make stunning appearances in the first season of OFC. We look forward to your participation.



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