Seeking a Performance Marketer for Mylestone

Hey you, how would you like to be part of a startup that helps transform how people preserve their memories?

Mylestone connects your digital photo library to a personal biographer, who will text you questions, allow you to reflect on your past — and ultimately document and preserve your life story.

We’re seeking to hire an amazing a Performance Marketer.

Come join our team.

Who We Are

We are a team of 10 experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and designers who are fascinated about the intersection between digital photo clutter and the importance of preserving personal histories. We’re venture backed (True Ventures, Founder Collective, etc.) and have built fantastic companies with successful outcomes before (BzzAgent, Smarterer, Runkeeper, etc.).

We love team mates who are obsessed about their work and about being challenged. Who are accountable to one another; love to communicate via Slack, but appreciate the value of in-person meetings; recognize that life-balance is necessary to achieve our goals; and enjoy the hell out of food and music. Oh, and you’ll need a sense of humor.

Who You Are

You are comfortable in an early-stage startup. You get energy from building something out of nothing. You love uncertainty.

You know your way around paid marketing. You don’t have to be Rainman optimizing every .01%, but know how to drive quality traffic in the door.

You understand the power of branding and building product/marketing around an idea. You can generate the “brand story” and combine it with product through effective use of websites, landing pages, social and creative channels.

You are data driven, and use numbers to make tactical and strategic decisions, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

You understand new product development, and the difference between innovating and optimizing, as well as between startup and scale up.

You believe that great companies are built when marketing and product align on setting expectations and delivering (or surpassing) them. Winning looks like tracking the number of happy customers we attract and create vs targeting raw signups new signups. You can work with product to build referral loops and shareable content into the natural experience.

You are an entrepreneur, continuously exploring, understanding how startups evolve and grow. You’ve always loved marketing, even when you weren’t sure it was called marketing. It’s just something you did.

Your Core Responsibilities

  • Manage paid PPC / social acquisition to deliver early customers
  • Develop implement landing page inbound frameworks — strong A/B testing and customizing with super efficiency and rapid iteration
  • Create and manage an email marketing program
  • Manage marketing metrics dashboards and establish benchmarks and targets for high level metrics (Customer Acquisition Cost, Customer Lifetime Value, etc.) by channel, as well operating metrics that are used to guide daily/weekly spend decisions (again, by channel).
  • Analyze existing traffic and conversion trends to identify areas of opportunity
  • Integrate marketing automation software
  • Help define the mylestone brand (promise / story / identity / personality)
  • Define and execute a content or social media strategy / Creating a content posting schedule / Write content for blogs, email, and/or social media
  • Educate the team on learned insight, new processes, strategies, etc.
  • Ability to act as an amazing Individual Contributor today and a Manager tomorrow.

Your Key Qualities

  • Must be an awesome teammate. You are respectful, open, thoughtful, communicative, accountable, engaged. You are probably opinionated.
  • Strong project management skills
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • High degree of integrity
  • 2–6 years’ experience working in the startup community preferred
  • Boston-based

Ready to help shape performance marketing at Mylestone? Share your resume and a cover letter or video describing why you’re ready to join our team here.

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