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Meet the team: Roel from engineering

In this new section, we would like to introduce you to the enthusiastic people who work at Chess. What do they do? What do they think of Chess as a work environment? What inspires and motivates them? The scoop is for Roel, our new colleague in the testing department of Engineering. Do you want to know more? Then read on!

Roel from Engineering.

What exactly does your position entail?

I am involved in the development of test systems within Chess. For example, I make circuit boards that are used in the testing of the Mymesh network. But also systems that we use to test our products before they are shipped and installed. This way, we can be sure that the product works and meets our requirements before it goes to the customer. Here, not only hardware is created, but also special test software with which all components on a product can be tested individually or in groups.

What do you like most about your job?

By working with Chess products, I get to know them through and through. This way, I do not only know what is inside the housing but also how everything works and the design choices that were made. This is not only very interesting but also a lot of fun when a test I have thought up actually succeeds. When making PCBs, I find puzzling and correctly placing the components on the PCB fun and challenging.

Did you already know Mymesh or ChessWise?

I came into contact with Chess through my studies in Electrical Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. One of my fellow students had done an internship here. During his presentation, I found the company very interesting and remembered it for a possible graduation placement. I then successfully did this at Chess.

Do you find Mymesh/Chess Wise an inspiring place to work?

Working at Chess gives me the opportunity to continue learning after my training; I get the chance to develop within several disciplines. I receive sufficient input and tips from my colleagues. There is also an informal working atmosphere and we have a nice, new office building.

What has working at Mymesh/Chess Wise taught you?

Continuing the knowledge I already have and, above all, working in a disciplined way. Looking at writing software in a different way. Here, it is not about the functional software, but about being able to perform tests. And, of course, designing PCBs, where everything must comply with the Chess standard. Every detail must be thought through and cannot be skipped.

What motivates you?

Every time, a new, small challenge to get a step further in designing or inventing tests, PCBs or software. Every day, you take a step further and learn something new. In this way, you are always working on something new within a project and you have your own result at the end that is actually used intensively.




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