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Newsletter [Dec. 2020]

The year is almost done! In this special newsletter, we’ll quickly look at the past month and the upcoming year.

Joost Toornend
Dec 30, 2020 · 5 min read

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Let’s go!

A word from our CEO & CTO

“This year was not without obstacles as each one of us got affected by the global pandemic one way or another. Despite this, we witnessed creative, inspiring and persistent entrepreneurship throughout the industry. At Chess, we started to work remote, we saw powerful technologies come to life, and we welcomed new members to our team and partner network.

Coming to the end of this year, we want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our partners, our clients and -of course- our fantastic team. On behalf of everyone at Chess, we wish you a connected New Year -in good health for you, your family and your organization.

Han Bak & Siebren de Vries”


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We’re very proud to share the news that we’re officially nominated as “Prop tech company of the year 2020” and “Smart Building of the year 2020"!

But… in order to win, we kind-of need your help.
- Please click on one of the orange banners (or both)
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On behalf of the complete Chess team, thank you!

2021: A big year for Mymesh

Relations, innovation & growth

A new office

The new sustainable bamboo facing (L) | The building in current state (R)

As mentioned in our September newsletter, Chess will move to our new Mymesh HQ in 2021. As from the beginning of Q2, we’re located at Oudeweg 115 in Haarlem.

Currently, the building is being completely stripped and refitted to become fully adaptive in order to accommodate all of our (evolving) needs. The building’s outdated appearance becomes modern, sustainable and innovative by using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wood.

It will come as no surprise that our new HQ gets equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated SMART technologies. Around the building, parking spaces with charging poles will provide enough space for employees and visitors to park. In the meantime, the Mymesh infrastructure will cover the complete premises to measure, control and analyse all operations whilst carefully managing the building’s performance for its occupants.

Stating the obvious; Our new Mymesh HQ will be a living lab, a place where we constantly learn more about Smart technology by moving its boundaries.

Much more about Mymesh HQ in the coming months…

New technology

Can you guess what we’re working on?

Although COVID-19 changed the way we work, it hasn’t affected our pace. The R&D department still runs in fifth gear -and not without results! In the upcoming year, we are to release a couple of very powerful and futuristic technologies that will certainly revolutionize the way buildings/environments interact with occupants/stake-holders.

These technologies are capable of radically changing the way buildings are build, commissioned and maintained forever.

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New projects

In 2021, we are to begin and finish some of the biggest and most complex projects to date. These A-level projects are the result of our proven technology, our international partners and the long list of references across a wide variety of global industries.

More about these large projects soon…

New team members

In the past year, Chess grew significantly and for the upcoming year, we expect to welcome more people to the team.

At Chess, we’re always on the lookout for visionary engineers who are driven by wonder, fuelled by curiosity and gifted by talent. Do you have what it takes? Please apply for the open vacancy via the contact button on our website.

For our growing marketing ‘department’, we’re opening a new vacancy in the beginning of next year; We are looking for a creative Content Marketeer with an -almost- unhealthy obsession for innovation and technology.


  • Does your creativity explode when you exchange ideas?
  • Is storytelling second nature to you?
  • Are Figma, After Effects, Premiere, InDesign and Illustrator not just icons on your screen but powerful tools to express your ideas?
  • Can you whip out a press release in minutes?
  • Do you tend to strategize and then obsessively analyse?
  • Have no problems with working remote?
  • Are you ready to enter a world of boundless possibilities (no joke)?

Do you know someone who fits the bill? Please apply for the vacancy via the contact button on our website.

(Acquisition is not appreciated)

Mymesh (digital) ecosystem

Adding the Mymesh protocol to an OEM device comes with a lot of advantages. In 2021, several renowned OEM partners will release new Mymesh-powered products and services, improving the ecosystem as a whole. For them, it enables their clients to utilize the unique characteristics of the Mymesh infrastructure and the expert tooling that comes with it.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to learn more about the integration of Mymesh and the perks that come with it.

A global network of Mymesh Partners & Dealers

The objective for Chess remains the same; To grow the global Mymesh partner/dealer network by providing reliable and powerful tools to operate. For the 2021, we are looking for motivated, knowledgable and entrepreneurial Mymesh partners -especially in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Are you interested or do you know someone who might be interested in such a position? Let us know!

Time to wrap it up! As our CEO & CTO perfectly said it already:

“We wish you a connected New Year -in good health for you, your family and your organization.” 🎆


Make any professional location SMART

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Joost Toornend

Written by

Marketing Manager at Mymesh | Tech Enthusiast



All news around Mymesh

Joost Toornend

Written by

Marketing Manager at Mymesh | Tech Enthusiast



All news around Mymesh

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