Newsletter [June 2021]

A lot has happened in the past month. In this newsletter, we’ll go over some highlights one more time.

Michel Schmitt
Jun 25 · 5 min read

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Let’s go!

Westfield Stratford
Chess Uk started the installation of Mymesh at Westfield Stratford, one of the largest shopping malls in Europe. Most areas are controlled via microwave sensors, grouped together. Monitoring emergency is part of the setup. Via Lumitel® light level settings are controlled, emergency testing is monitored, as is reporting on status and exceptions. This is a huge project containing over five thousand micro BLCs! Truly a magnificent project!

Camden Hill Lawn Tennis Club
Chess Uk finished a project in Camden Hill. They worked together with Hoare Lea to design a Mymesh solution for the tennis hall that is capable of expanding to control and monitor all the other facilities as well. The old controllers in the light fittings were replaced with a small wireless module, and the bulky central unit in the central control cabinet was replaced with a small interface and some key switches.

During the commissioning the light levels on the courts were calibrated to meet Class I (750lux average) for matches and class II (500lux average) for training. For each Court, the lights are triggered by movement detectors, while a central clock will dim and then switch the lights off after closing.

The main benefit of this installation is that it runs independently and hardly needs any outside intervention.

Courtesy of LIC Europe: These luminaires of LIC Europe also turn blue when no presence is detected.

New functionality: Unwanted Presence Prevention
This week’s app update brings a new feature called Unwanted Presence Prevention. It is meant to prevent persons from hanging around and causing a nuisance building locations such as staircases or hallways -.

In case an unwanted presence is detected, the lamp(s) will start blinking at a high hence unpleasant frequency. This serves both as a warning for residents and as an irritating signal to unwanted persons to leave. As soon as the absence is detected by the sensor, the alarm modus stops.

The alarm modus can be enabled in the room settings and the maximum presence time for visitors can be adjusted by a slider. The alarm modus is available for the micro BLC microwave with 2.14.6 firmware.

A new co-host!
Our “Aan Tafel met” Youtube series and podcast have a new co-host. Eddy Malumba joins Joost -our marketing manager, in conversations with experts in the Smart Building industry. Eddy is no stranger to Chess. He did an internship here whilst wrapping up his study. Besides co-hosting Eddy will also be responsible for the editing part of the videos and podcasts. We are looking forward to his creative contribution.

Vacancy: Cloud Software Tester
As a Cloud Software test engineer, you are responsible for the design, implementation and execution of the test systems of our cloud and commissioning products. Our cloud products represent a dedicated server per building under contract and the global infrastructure to support this environment.

Your core duties will be the design and realization of the functional tests for the products, maximum load tests of the products and the infrastructure, “fuzzer” tests of the products and involvement with the security tests of the products and the total system.

Read the complete vacancy here

Vacancy: Sales Manager Smart Concepts
You are a commercial, eager-to-learn and entrepreneurial go-getter with a good dose of creativity and persuasiveness. Within this role, you represent us at the most prominent companies within the (commercial) real estate market. Here, you will sit with some of the highest executives to realize powerful smart building concepts with a keen eye for various interests.

Besides these creative sessions, you are also a star in creating pitches, specifications and tender documents. You have an eye for the market and realize commercial opportunities for the structural growth of Mymesh.

Read the complete vacancy here

Vacancy: Content Marketeer
For our marketing department, we’re opening a new vacancy. We are looking for a creative Content Marketeer with an -almost- unhealthy obsession for innovation and technology.


  • Does your creativity explode when you exchange ideas?
  • Is storytelling second nature to you?
  • Are Figma, After Effects, Premiere, InDesign and Illustrator not just icons on your screen but powerful tools to express your ideas?
  • Can you whip out a press release in minutes?
  • Do you tend to strategize and then obsessively analyse?
  • Have no problems with working remotely?
  • Are you ready to enter a world of boundless possibilities (no joke)?

Do you know someone who fits the bill? Please apply for the vacancy via the contact button on our website or by sending an e-mail to

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