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myMincome ICO pre-sale

INC is a digital cryptocurrency with the aim to provide the easiest payment solution for online shopping and social media & making it easier to invest in cryptocurrency. Furthermore we will distribute a global Basic Income.

We are excited to be talking today publicly about our company, myMincome and to announce our ICO launch.

Our ICO starts with a Pre-Sale on March 9th 2018:

Our products:

INC PAYMENT. Social Messenger Integration and Browser Payment Plugin. There is no easier way to send coins to other users and to pay in online shops.

Social Messenger Integration. We are working on a Social Messenger Integration for all big Messengers like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and YouTube. Users can send INC coins to familymembers, friends or other users, as well as receive payments for money collectings like crowdfundings etc. just by using your favorite Messenger App.

Browser Plugin. We have created a browser plugin for firefox and google chrome, which allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies in every partner online shop. The plugin works as a proxy between the online shop and your INC-coins. As soon as you make a purchase, your coins will instantaneously be exchanged in any currency requested by the shop.

INDEX FUND INVESTMENT. Invest in our Index Fund, it contains the top 10 cryptocurrencies as for example Bitcoin, Eather, Ripple, Litecoin, Neo, Iota and more, weighted by market capitalization and rebalances monthly, to make sure that our portfolio contains only the high performing assets on the market. This strategy is associated with lower risks and at the same time with higher profits. You can invest quick and easy with only one click!

The Index Fund strategy is backtested since January 2017 and has shown remarkable results with lower risk than only investing in bitcoin. The following Chat represent the profit by investing only 100 $ in the Fund INDEX Top10 from january to december 2017.

As you can see, by investing only 100 $ you would have had an output of about 11,352 $ at the end of the year of 2017.

✓Our fund is designed on the 0x-blockchain technology, which allows fast and stable transaction with no fees

✓ It works absolutely decentralized, no website, exchanges or other central institutions in between are necessary

✓ The fund holders can just trade the fund p2p

✓ We only charge a low management fee of 1.5 % p.a.

✓ All ICO participants will get exclusive discounts of 10 %.

Why we’re starting the company

Our Vision is to provide a globally accessible Basic Income for all our investors on a blockchain based financial platform and digital asset network with an integrated cryptocurrency. To provide a Global Income for everyone means to create a digital finanzial envirement as an alternative to traditional banks and work-related sources of income and allowin you to store and at the same time invest your money safely on the dezentralized 0x blockchain. You can access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, right from your smartphone, using the INC APP. Participating in our ICO and creating a digital wallet on our platform enables you as a coin holder of INC, not only to participate in airdrops, but also invest in our hight rated Index fund, which had a remarkable return of investment of more than 9,000 % in 2017. Also the INC Coin payment allows to pay online in shops and in Social Messengers to make it easier for friends, familie, colleagues, and others to access and transfer cryptocurrencies on social media and other digital platforms.

We are looking forward to be a trustfull partner to all users and professionals who benefits or invest in cryptocurrency. We love innovative technologies, and within the opportunity to empower others we are bringing together the expertise of professionals and the benefits for the daily needs of the people, bridging technology and financial ressources.

We’re looking forward to the future and we’d love to hear from you!

If you want to learn more about us, we would love to invite you to come by and read more on our Website! Join our Telegram Group to get your first 200 INC Tokens for free!

— The myMincome Team & Cofounders



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A Global Basic Income for everyone, monthly airdrops, Investment Fund and P2P-marketplace