Asian Doll Heats Up the Rap Game with “So Icy Princess”

Cleverly released on October 17, “So Icy Princess” is Asian Doll’s debut project as one of the newest signees of 1017 Records. The latest drop consists of 16 icy tracks celebrating the rapper’s incredible talent in songwriting and selling her personal brand, and the successes she’s achieved because of her hard work in the rap game for the past two years.

So Icy Princess by Asian Doll

Having found learned mentors in the likes of 1017 Records CEO and hip hop veteran Gucci Mane, Asian Doll makes it no secret that she’s had to find a compromise between her self-assured arrogance and the music industry that would rather just listen to her music and nothing else. An interview with XXL got the rap doll to admit that she “ was this hothead savage just because of where [she] came from,” and she had to tone it down after receiving valuable instruction from her boss. Thankfully for the industry that breeds her artistry and the enthusiasts that enjoy this kind of music, the Dallas native has agreed to keep her prideful comments out of a well-deserved career rise in 45 glorious “So Icy Princess” minutes.

A great example of this lyrical confidence is the aptly-titled “1017” featuring Gucci Mane himself and Yung Mal, where Asian Doll spits fire verses about her fabulousness and squashing her haters in a club bangin’ tempo.

I’m just lookin’ in the mirror at a pretty young street bitch (Asian Doll)
AK-47, left that n*gga on the concrete
You better come correct, I’m acin’ bitches on the front street
Icin’ out my hoes, ’cause it get cold, Eskimo season

The theme runs across the entire album, and even on Asian Doll’s other web platforms.

Instagram post by @asiandadoll

“Talk” recounts the rapper’s insane work ethic and the social cues that come up due to her success (Countin’ up this money, hit that bitch, she wanna sue me/ Yeah, know these n*ggas wanna do me), while “No Cap” featuring fellow Texan Go Yayo focuses on the opportunities Asian Doll has been enjoying as part of her ascent into stardom (I rock Louis, cash out Gucci/ Call up Gucci, shoot a movie).

The Bankroll Got It-produced “Rock Out” is undoubtedly one of the most accurate representations of Asian Doll’s lyrical prowess. With a unique street style and a flair for the hot brazen sound, the solo track proves the rap artist’s clear ability to rock out with the best in the game.

Stream these tracks and the rest of the genius project on My Mixtapez today!

Can’t get enough of Asian Doll and “So Icy Princess”? Click the play button on the music video for “First Off” - the AlphaMale Visuals-directed heated masterpiece:

It’s pretty clear Asian Doll is still enjoying her climb to hip hop heaven, and has zero plans of stopping anytime soon. So if you’re a real one, you can keep up to date with the rapper’s newest releases and upcoming live performances through her social media accounts (Instagram | Twitter).

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