It may be Rich Homie Quan’s birthday, but we’re getting a gift with his latest project

Rich Homie Quan delivers more tracks, following his debut album with his latest work “The GIF”. Relased on his birthday, Atlanta’s most promising artist offers up seven songs on the release. Boosie BadAzz, Persona and Quick Trip are featured on this short but bangin’ project.

The GIF by Rich Homie Quan

Dequantes Devontay Lamar, better known as Rich Homie Quan (Twitter|Instagram) has recently been on the down low in terms of pushing out new music. Back in March 2018, this singer/songwriter/rapper released his debut album, “Rich As In Spirit”, and since the release of his LP, Rich Homie Quan has spent the summer on his “Rich As in Spirit” Tour which touched down in 34 cities throughout the U.S. For the past few months since his debut, he has been continuously releasing music videos to continue pushing the album. Which is why him dropping “The GIF” on his birthday, and after seven months of his debut release, came as a surprise to everyone

“The GIF” stands for Going In Forever, still promising he will never stop goin’ in ’til forever, and it’s also a play on the word gift. Rich Homie Quan explains that his project is a thank you to his loyal following for showering him with unconditional support and love throughout his career. Funny how it may be his birthday, but he’s still thinking of making sure his fans are happy.

In an Instagram post, Rich Homie Quan informs everyone on the drop of “The GIF”, he says “ I owe it all to my fans and the people who really believed and still believe in RHQ !! So 10:04am on 10/04 It’s here GOING IN FOREVER”

post by @richhomiequan

And in another Instagram post Rich Homie expressed, “Promise y’all from this day on out no more droughts.”

post by @richhomiequan

In a previous XXL Article written by Sidney Madden back in April 17, 2017, Rich Homie Quan talks about his growth throughout the years.

Definitely a new chapter. I wouldn’t say a reinvention but I’ve re-centered myself. You can just tell how I’ve grown up. I’ve gotten older, watching what I say because I know the previous years I’ve gotten in trouble. And I know everybody’s listening now so with everybody listening, I just want to make sure I can motivate you. This music, my music is for motivational purposes. I’m trying to encourage you to get up and be somebody, do something. I’m not saying it gotta be music, but just something.

Below is Rich Homie Quan’s “The GIF” Tracklist:

1. Thoughts
2. Get In (Feat.Quick Trip)
3. Ashamed
4. Covered in Shit
5. Wake Up (Feat. Persona)
6. Cash on Me
7. Skeletons (Feat. Boosie BadAzz)

It may not be a full-blown project, but Rich Homie Quan fully delivers the goods track after track. Truly the drought is over for this guy. I can’t wait for what else Rich Homie Quan has been cookin’ up for all of us soon!

But, don’t just take my word for it! Click the link below and take a listen for yourselves. As always, don’t forget to sound of your thoughts about “The GIF” and Rich Homie Quan below!

And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a huge favor and check out more music by Rich Homie Quan! Below is a link to the throwback “Back to the Basics”, released in 2017.

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