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How to transfer your account to MyNearWallet?

A short step-by-step guide by the MyNearWallet team

In the future, will become a wallet listing page to enhance decentralization and inspire healthy competition in the NEAR ecosystem. Users can switch to any NEAR wallet they like. Here is the instruction on how to transfer your account to MyNearWallet.

How can I transfer my account to MyNearWallet?

  1. Go to the MyNearWallet site and click on the “Import account” button in the middle.
Choose the “Import account” button

2. Choose the way you would like to import your account.

Choose a recovery method: via passphrase or Ledger

3.1 If you choose to recover your account via passphrase, you’ll be asked to write the backup passphrase in the field below. Click on the “Find My Account” button to proceed and be directed to your wallet.

Unfortunately, recovering your account via email and phone will not proceed right now, MyNearWallet team WIP. We do not recommend using these recovery methods as they are unsafe compared to the passphrase or Ledger.

Enter your passphrase to complete importing the wallet

3.2 If you want to recover your account through Ledger, you need to authorize MyNearWallet to use your Ledger account.

a) Connect your Ledger via USB to your computer.

Connect your Ledger to the computer

b) Open the NEAR app on the Ledger and select the “Connect Ledger” button at the top right of the window. If you don’t have an app, follow these instructions.

Click on the “Connect Ledger” button

c) On the first pop-up window, select the “Connect” button.

Push the “Connect” button

d) Select the device from the list in the second pop-up and click “Connect”

Connect to your Ledger device in the pop-up window

e) Select the “Continue” button below to finish setting up the Ledger on this account and confirm the operation on your Ledger with a key.

Click on the “Continue” button to proceed

You’ve imported your account to MyNearWallet.

Any questions left? Let us know!




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