All the variety, all of the time; shopping in Japan

Japan, the land of Every Product Imaginable.

They didn’t go with this tagline but it’s a viable option and one I’d be happy to pitch as long as they pay for flights, accommodation and expenses.

Here are some examples. Do you want some salt?


How about a battery?


The choice of everyday products in some stores is mind-bendingly boggalicious. If you do visit I suggest you leave a good couple of days just for shopping, not because you’ll be buying constantly but because it takes a long time to even walk the aisles of the many, many floors.


In one Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo I counted 8 aisles dedicated to bud-type earphones. This EXCLUDES the overhead styles. I mean, you need to take packed lunch if you want to look at things properly. I got pretty dehydrated. Plus you can save 8% tax if you spend over 10K Yen, so if you take advantage of that little benefit then you need to factor in the duty-free counter queuing as well.

Shopping in Japan is a wondrous experience and not to be missed, unless you’re a chronic ditherer, in which case I strongly suggest you outsource to a third-party provider (I am willing to do this if you pay for flights, accommodation and expenses).