A Space You Can Call Your Own

Creating a space for passionate, driven and professional individuals is quite a task, ask us. But why do we do it? And most importantly, what’s in it for you?

Like you, we are a group of individuals who believe that most good things come at a cost. But like you, we too, don’t shy away from working hard to get what we want. In the matters of meeting new people and forming friendships, we believe (and we think you’d agree too), that while having a little fun never hurt no one, it is equally sane for one to look for that someone who is as enterprising as you are.

And while we are on this topic, why not look for someone who has a similar bent of mind as yours, is as driven as you are and probably, shares similar ideas of fun as you do (yes, we dare go that far!).

So the question arises, where do we come in to this elaborate social maze? We make your path to this friend smoother, and then the baton’s passed onto you. You must then unstranger yourself. We scout and filter according to your preferences (specific or general — we can handle both) and show you some prospective profiles. We will come dangerously close to what you want, and what we do guarantee is an eclectic mix of individuals, and some good memorable times. But what you get out of it, depends on how much work you put into it as well.

We know that in times like these it is getting tougher each day to find someone who grabs your attention, someone you want to talk to about more than the weather and whose idea of a day out goes beyond deciding what to eat. If you thought that engaging conversations are as extinct as the people to share them with, don’t lose hope. There’s many more individuals out there like you to start something new and then there’s individuals like us who’re working to bridge that gap.

Tell us about that one time that left you asking for more, or just share a suggestion. Mail us at spreadlove@myolo.in

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