A Studio You Can Call Your Own

All the studio awaits, is the star in you.

The Studio in 10-seconds:

The ‘Creator Studio’ is a well equipped studio built for bloggers, influencers, startups and everyone else who’d like to use it for free! It’s a space dedicated to all content creators by two startups, Marsplay and MYOLO, to empower everyone to unleash their talents. To create, collaborate and conquer.

It is located at MYOLO HQ, Green Park Extension, New Delhi.

The Backstory:

In a world that’s blessed with diverse talents, we are all creators on the inside. We’ve got stories to tell, opinions to share and so much to add to the world around us in our own unique ways.

But for many of us, the lack of opportunities, the high cost of studios and equipment, and sometimes even the lack of encouragement can be factors that keep us from being able to express ourselves. The biggest struggles for content creators are finding a place to shoot, a photographer or equipment to shoot and the costs of it all. These are things that we cannot fathom.

Everyone should have access to an ecosystem that supports them — a studio with equipment to get the best shots at zero cost, a space that fosters collaboration between storytellers, and most importantly encouragement to take the leap and express themselves.

It’s with that drive that Marsplay and MYOLO got together to build this ‘Creator Studio’, a studio you can call your own.

It’s been built to empower content creators all around and to help them create good quality content without any costs. Bloggers, influencers, startups and everyone who’d like to use it to create content is welcome.

Who’s it by?

The ‘Creator Studio’ is an initiative by Marsplay and MYOLO, two startups that operate out of the space where the studio has been built.

Marsplay, a startup in stealth mode, is creating a social shopping experience through its platform which allows users to shop the looks and styles recommended by the people they love.

And MYOLO is an online/offline platform to meet people you share interests with around you. You can discover people and events around you via the app, and share meaningful experiences with them at curated offline events.

Where is it?

The Creator Studio is located at MYOLO HQ at C-15, Green Park Extension, New Delhi. MYOLO HQ is the newest spot in the city that focuses entirely on community building. It’s an apartment plus office space that hosts interest-based meetups every weekend. Here’s MYOLO HQ on Google Maps.

When is it available?

The studio is now open and accepting reservations. While there’s no time to create, some day hours do make for easier collaboration and better results. So while the Creator Studio is open all throughout the week and even during late hours, the ecosystem really thrives between daylight hours.

To put it straight: All days | 8am — 7pm

How to use and who to contact?

To use the studio, all you need to do is reserve the space and show up. The ecosystem will then conspire to get you the best shots and great content.

For more information and reservations, please contact:

The Marsplay team at hello@marsplay.co 
Or leave a message on the Marsplay Facebook page or the MYOLO Facebook page

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