Is There A Perfect Pick-up Line?

How many times have you had the twitch to talk to someone you find attractive or interesting, and have then either went overboard with an introduction or not done anything at all about it?
Social interactions can be nerve racking. You may or may not know what the person sitting across you is like. No amount of blind dates, or dates in general can beat the anxiety of talking to someone new for the first time. But often, it is this anxiety that makes us say something that is not exactly what you’d want to be your first words to someone. However, there are some fool-proof ways to seal the deal at first sight. From the confident to the introverted, from the risk takers to the safe players, there is a common ground that unites all in the quest for the perfect pick-up line, if such a thing exists.
From our vault of tried and tested conversation starters, here’s a few that you’re sure to like and try:

The Vacancy
If you’re out for a meal and you see someone you’d like to approach, this is possibly the simplest way. Just ask them if the seat next to them is taken. To reiterate, do so in a polite, unwavering manner, but at the same time, it wise to avoid being cocky. If the person says yes, perhaps then that interest is mutual.

Expert Opinion
In any social setting, the competition to playing the expert is almost always palpable. Keep that window open. In an eatery or at a shopping complex, you can simply approach the person and ask, “Do you visit this place often? I could use an opinion for…” This can work both ways. If they are an expert, then you can possibly get a long conversation about the hits and misses of the place and subsequently on areas of common interest. If not, then both of you can weigh in your options and talk. Healthy discussions ahoy!

Head Home
Well, like they say, home is where the heart is. If you are not an ‘opposites attract’ kind of person, you can always head to your places of interest — a book store or a nice public library for book lovers, an NGO for those who care about a social cause, a sports pub for a night of screening if you like any particular sports — you get the hang of it. This gives you a major area of interest that has more potential than anything else.

The list is inexhaustible, but more importantly, you don’t always have to have a plan. A simple thank you and a smile for someone who holds the door or lift for you is a decent and attractive gesture. A specific compliment about an accessory like shoes or bags or hats can make the person feel acknowledged for their choices and lead a conversation too. In a time where antiquities like wrongly connoted conversation starters can sound too outdated to try, you always have the chance to give them a twist of your own and experiment! So don’t shy away, and go for it.

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