The Baggage of First Impressions

All social interactions, as we have come to perceive, come with the added baggage of first impressions. Think all-round impeccability — well-rehearsed ice breakers, anecdotal fillers, a few harmless jokes here and there, the perfect clothes and accessories to make it a lasting impression. We are so used to this routine that in the midst of nailing every single aspect perfectly we tend to forget to have some fun while at it.

Does that sound preposterous to you? Having fun while doing something as serious as building an impression? What are first impressions exactly, when it comes to meeting new people? A more refined image of you, definitely, but something so serious that you lose yourself in the process? We disagree.

Let’s put it this way. Impressions and opinions fade with time. What remains is who you are instead of what you portray yourself to be.

Don’t forget to let out that funny giggle you have when someone cracks a joke. You never cared about first impressions when you were a carefree child, did you? Then, why now? Admit to being a comic nerd and maybe the person sitting right across you might be an even bigger nerd than you are!

Think your idea of a Saturday night is curling up with a steaming cup of coffee and your favourite book? That’s who you are, and you shouldn’t be afraid to accept it! Or even if you like to wake up on Sunday with a hangover, honestly.

All we want to say is, that individuality and diversity should be celebrated, not hidden beneath generic, uninteresting and dull conversations. Not to forget, you actually end up finding something more interesting and amazing by being who you are, and if not that, then you definitely do become more comfortable in your skin.

What were you first impression experiences like — fun, learning or just interesting? You can also write to us at