Why It Is Not Possible To Go Back To Being Strangers When You Meet Someone New!

We all go around talking about how we were friends with someone for a specific period of time and we’re no longer in touch, or have become strangers all over again. However, this is technically a flawed statement. 
Let us show you a few reasons why!

Mistaken Definition of Being Strangers
 “A person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar.” This is the definition of Strangers according to google. Almost clears it up for us, doesn’t it?

You Cannot Forget People Once You Unstranger Yourself
Once you meet someone new, be it at your workplace, your college, at a social gathering or even online, even if it is for a brief moment, you share some details about yourself and so does the other person, which technically means that you’ve started to Unstranger with them and which no longer means that you’re not known to each other!

Just Because You Ended On A Wrong Note, Doesn’t Mean You’re Strangers Again
Maybe your ex-girlfriend dumped you, or a friend moved away. Possibly your college group is no longer in touch, but that does not mean that you’ve become strangers. It just simply means you’ve stopped talking to them.

Because Your Brain Will Recollect The Moments You Share With Them In The Form of Memories
The reason behind this is that your brain is configured in a way that it catches and stores all sorts of human interactions you make. You might just seem to forget a person maybe because you met them only once or because it has been ages since you last caught up with them, but all you need is a little push and BAMM!! Your mind helps you recollect all of it! It’s crazy how our minds work!

In Other Words, You Can’t Forget Them
So, basically there is not much you can do about it because for those who are there to stick in your head, will. The best you can do is push them in the back of your mind but, wouldn’t it just be better if you never had to do that in the first place?

So, instead of taking such a pain to try to (unsuccessfully) forget people, focusing on restoring your relationships and building new ones is a better way towards life, one person at a time! Unstranger Yourself!

About the author: Archit Arora is a final-year student of English Literature at Delhi University and an all-around intern at MYOLO. He can usually be found using our only office desktop, as he sings Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’, certainly louder than Sheeran himself, and at times better than him too.