Your Projection Matters

Let’s get real. You know those initial weeks when you’re on your phone constantly with a big grin on your face puzzling your friends and family if you just got a new dentist or a new reason to smile? Witty comebacks, snazzy one liners and to top that off, cute comments strewn here and there in your chat window is basically all what your phone is buzzing with.
Cut to a couple of months later when you wonder where the fun fizzled out from and not much is left of the dazzling discussions of the days past. Is this the dreaded shift from a virtual platform to real life interaction that you friends warned you about?
Think of it this way, would you like to be at the receiving end of such an interaction, even if the intent of both the parties involved is not malicious? We don’t think so.
Where do we go from here then? First off, it is important to understand that if you want someone to be interested in you, they need to be interested in the unaltered, real you. The person you are when you’re home alone, when you’re working or simply relaxing, not an uptight wound up version of you. But that doesn’t mean that you chew with your mouth open or make belching sound at the end of the meal — no one asks you to let go of your basic etiquettes. All you need to do is find equilibrium in who you are, without a façade, coupled with social courtesy, and there you go, you have a realistically dazzling, imperfect but absolutely unique you, forging friendships (and potentially something more) as you go.

It is definitely not easy to let your guard down and be who you are in the first go, but it’s worth the shot. Tell us what you think. Comment here or send us a mail at

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