Sneak peek of the new Myplanet branding!

A Glimpse Into Myplanet’s Upcoming Rebrand

Our brand is the thing we always said we’d get to, but never really carved out the time for. In the last eight years we’ve gone from building simple, single purpose websites to creating software for companies with tens of thousands of employees and building multi-faceted marketing & commerce experiences. But while our work has remained at the forefront of design and technology, our own brand hasn’t always kept pace.

Unsurprisingly, putting our own brand on the back-burner meant we found ourselves further and further from who we wanted to be, and how we wanted to be seen. (A case of the cobbler’s kids going without shoes if ever there was one.) So a few months ago we embarked on a brand rejuvenation. And as of today, May 2, we have a new brand identity.

“Our vision for our new brand is all about uncovering extraordinary opportunities in ordinary software. It means helping people find a sense of wonderment and purpose in their everyday work by using design thinking and technology in intelligent, helpful ways.”
— Erik von Stackelberg, Creative Director, Myplanet

A lot of work went into creating our new brand ID. We spoke with customers, we surveyed our own staff, we tested and iterated and retested. And we’ll post a deeper dive on the process soon, highlighting all the highs (and the lows) of how it unfolded. But for now, we’ve only launched internally.

It’ll take a bit of time to roll out our new brand in full, which means things like this blog may not immediately reflect the new look and feel. But we’re just too excited to keep it to ourselves! So for today, we want to share at least a piece of it with you.

Without further ado, Myplanet’s new brand launch reel:

Our site isn’t fully brand updated yet, but visit us there anyway to find out more about what we do!