Best For The World 2018

Every year, B Corporation shares out their Best for the World lists. The lists recognize organizations that have excelled in six B Corp aligned categories: Workers, Governance, Environment, Community, Customers, and Overall. Each category has its own set of requirements, but to be included among the honourees, a company has to achieve a standard of excellence above and beyond that of even qualifying to be a B Corp in the first place.

This year, Myplanet has been honoured in three categories, Best for the World: Workers, Best for the World: Governance, and Best for the World: Changemaker.

To be designated as an honouree in these categories is something we’re extremely proud of. Not long ago we wrote about how important being a B Corp for the past six years has been to us, and how being a B Corp has had a profound and lasting impact on the way we do business. Today we couldn’t feel that more strongly.

To be among the Best For The World: Workers honourees, a company needs to stand out in a number of ways, with everything from compensation and benefits, to training and ownership opportunities being assessed alongside things like the overall work environment (including management/worker communication, job flexibility, corporate culture, and worker health and safety practices). It’s a complex category.

Because of course no one thing defines what makes or breaks an employee’s experience. It’s a number of factors, all working together, that ensure workers are given the best work situation possible. Respecting employees and their lives outside the walls of the office as well as within them is the core of this category and to be recognized as a Best for Workers organization is extremely gratifying. It let’s us know we’re living up to the aims we set for ourselves in 2012 when we first became a B Corp.

The Best For The World: Governance category “evaluates a company’s overall mission, ethics, accountability and transparency”. And to achieve the Best for the World designation, companies have to be in the top 10% of all B Corps for these metrics.

Ensuring that we’re keeping ourselves transparent and accountable to our employees, our stakeholders, and our customers has been a part of our ethos from the start. As we have continued to refine our mission and grow as an organization, holding to the tenets of transparency and accountability has remained a central operating point. As with Best for Workers, to be included among the honourees in this category is once again proof to us that we’re doing the right things. By sticking to our early objectives as an organization, we’re achieving what we set out to achieve, even as we continue to evolve.

The Best for the World: Changemakers honour is a new one for us and it’s maybe the most exciting one. That’s because the Changemakers honour “celebrates the companies tackling the hard work to make measurable, positive impact improvement.” Like all B Corps, we made a commitment to improving our business practices and holding ourselves to a higher standard and step by step, day by day, we’ve been doing that. And the Changemakers honour is proof that we have made tangible progress on that commitment.

Being a B Corp for us isn’t just about the accolade or getting the certification to show the world. It’s an ongoing commitment to doing and being better, all the time. Maintaining our B Corp status is, for us, a motivator and one way we help keep ourselves accountable to our own values.

These Best for the World honours motivate us even more. We know we’ve accomplished some big goals and are operating in a way that makes us proud, but we know we can do more. And we will. Today we celebrate the honour; tomorrow we take the next steps to do even better.

Note: This piece was updated Sept 2018 to reflect additional Best for the World category inclusion.

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