Meet Oba, Our Youngest ProDG.

Nov 3, 2018 · 3 min read

We’re excited to introduce Oba Okojie, our ProDG of the month and the youngest programmer in the myProDG program yet, joining the program at the age of 5.

Oba had an early introduction to tech even prior to the program, getting an iPad when he was just 11 months old (which is still in use to this very day).

But how do you get a 5-year old to take part in something as cognitively engaging as programming? At myProDG, teaching curriculums are adapted to each child’s unique interests, learning patterns and pace.

LEGO meets HTML code

In line with Oba’s interest in LEGOs, lessons on website development were taught with illustrations made using his LEGO blocks, and how they are similar to the structure of a webpage. This has kept him interested in the learning process since he finds the concepts totally relatable.

Oba also applied his love for fast race cars in the building of his fourth module* final project, an Android application that serves a quiz about a fire truck, grades it and displays the answer to the user.

  • A module is a collection of four lessons

According to his tutor, Oba’s discipline is very commendable.

For his age, you’d think his dedication to the program would be a constant struggle, but the reverse is the case. His tutor has his parents to thank for this;

“What impresses me the most about Oba is his discipline. I never had to go the extra mile to get his attention back when lessons are ongoing. He’s also very polite; his parents did a very good job instilling discipline in him.” — Tife, tutor at myProDG


Oba’s tutor on myProDG, Boluwatife, is an experienced software developer who has worked in different positions, ranging from engineering to digital marketing.

Currently a Fellow at The African Technology Foundation, ‘Tife’ has had a wonderful experience teaching Oba through four modules, and is no less excited about future modules with him.

“At this age, I was probably struggling with basic math and my multiplication tables, but here’s Oba who has started programming at 5! Even big tech shots like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started programming at age 10 upwards, so it’s pretty exciting to be part of Oba’s story from such an early age. I’m interested in seeing where this journey goes.” — Tife, tutor at myProDG

At myProDG, we’re not just teaching kids how to code, we’re equipping them with the resources needed to open their imagination and increase their range of thinking, establishing a thought process for solving future problems.

myProDG is a home tutorial service working towards nurturing the next generation of innovators through intensive (and fun) Technology Education, by connecting them to its network of talented software developers and engineers.

Register your kid for a first free lesson today here: Website.

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myProDG is working towards nurturing the next generation of innovators, whizzes and builders to disrupt the Global Technology scene.

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