How to Get the Most From Your Myriad Executive Ticket

You’ve secured an Executive Myriad Ticket and cleared your schedule, got a wallet full of business cards and a fresh address book — now how do you make sure you make the most of #Myriad2017?

We’ve broken down the some cool features of the Executive ticket and added in some festival tips so you can spend less time making decisions and more time making the most of it!

Why Go Executive?

Executive tickets are conference tickets with a VIP twist — perfect for those wanting greater access to the movers and shakers on the scene. In addition to access to all conference workshops and speakers, you also get executive-only events and perks -we’ll lay out a few below:


Tired of getting stuck talking to the wrong people? With this ticket you get exclusive executive- only evening drinks and networking events tailored to producing meaningful connections. Ticket holders will receive an exclusive invitation to an executive-only breakfast hosted by Advance Queensland, as well as invite-only executive drinks.

#Myriadhack — Executive ticket holders will have access to semi private areas that offer refreshments and seating — a perfect place to refresh, recharge and and make new connections.


Executives also get access to additional curated workshops specifically designed for professional development — perfect for those wanting to harness innovative thinking to move to the next stage of their careers.

#Myriadhack — Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of attendees, speakers and workshops to attend? The Executive workshops are smaller than conference workshops, meaning you can learn hands-on in a more intimate environment. Ideal if you’re short on time and want focused, specific content.

The Executive Treatment

Want a way to get your company and name noticed in the crowd? Executive ticket holders can differentiate themselves from the rest with specially branded Myriad Festival passes featuring their company logo.

#Myriadhack — Level up with your workplace — Myriad offers discount executive packages.

Get your tickets at today at and check out our speakers and event information. To catch our updates follow us on Twitter at @myriadlive

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