How to Get the Most Out of Your Myriad Conference Ticket

You’ve secured your conference ticket and are looking to make the most of your time at Myriad. What’s next?

Maybe you’re interested in what’s happening in Queensland’s tech startup scene, or wondering what the main innovators are in the Asia-Pacific are producing. Whatever your interests, here are some tips to help you connect the dots between the speakers, workshops and events you get to attend with this hot ticket.

Work & Play:

Myriad isn’t like any other tech conference — you won’t see any stick-on name tags, filter coffee or water-cooler small talk here. Instead, we’ve got a huge opening-night extravaganza to kick our three days off with a bang: think live projections, art-installations, networking opps and the latest in tech right on stage. Come along to opening night on Wednesday and get your bearings: make some connections, swap some phone numbers, and rub shoulders with local and international investors, startups and industry innovators.

#Myriadhack — Don’t plan to leave 5pm Friday. As a conference ticket holder, you get access to all official Myriad parties including a redbull-hosted closing event you won’t want to miss.

Must-see Speakers:

We’ve hand-picked local and international speakers that will be super inspiring no matter what your event objectives are. If you do want some tips, check out the keynote from Techcrunch’s Josh Constine if you’re interested in getting your business or product picked up by a major online publication. If you want to know about the future of fashion tech, Anouk Wipprecht’s keynote is ideal for you. If you’re interested in developing innovative strategies for higher audience engagement, then 500 Startup’s own Yiying Lu will be delivering a must-see keynote.

#Myriadhack — download the Myriad app to plan your festival days, choose which keynotes to attend and get reminders of upcoming events so you never miss a beat.

To buy tickets and see the full conference lineup head to Follow our journey on Twitter @myriadlive

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