How to Get the Most Out of Your Myriad Startup Ticket

Here at Myriad we know the #startuplife struggle is real —

you’re run on a shoestring budget and operate 25 hrs a day, and the idea of a weekend is a long-lost memory. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make the most of your hard-earned time. Come to Myriad, mingle with other startups kicking goals, rub shoulders with investors from over 20 countries, drink some beer and get inspired.

A Big Ticket at a Tiny Price

The Myriad Startup ticket is a full-access conference ticket at a 50% discount — available to startup founders and key staff members. Get all the inclusions of a conference ticket, as well as access to all sessions at the 3 day event and official Myriad parties, for half the price of a regular ticket. Now that’s what we call a good pitch.

Work Those Networks

If you’re looking to expand your contact list, meet investors and find like-minded founders, Myriad offers a range of startup-focused sessions catered to just that. Level up with access to the investor lounge by invitation, where you can hold meetings with investors and mingle in comfort.

Get Your Name Out There

Startups will be put on the Myriad database and placed on an exclusive investor list, which features investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

For Startups, From Startups

Our diverse program offers something for everyone, but we’re especially pumped about the startup-focused keynotes we’ve lined up from some of the world’s most successful startup founders. Check out 500 Startups’ Yiying Lu if you’re interested in secrets to higher audience engagement. If you’re keen on getting your startup picked up by a major online publication like TechCrunch, come along to Josh Constine’s keynote. Creel Price, serial entrepreneur and captain of the Australian Elephant Polo team (it’s a thing- we checked) will be delivering a ‘Funding 101’ keynote — perfect for startups looking to secure investment.

Interested in purchasing a startup ticket and learning more about Myriad? Head over to for info, tickets and speakers, and follow our journey on Twitter at @myriadlive

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