Introducing: Myriad Air

Murray Galbraith
Sep 16, 2017 · 3 min read

At Myriad, we believe emerging technology events are the single most efficient vehicle for generating significant cultural change.

Each year, emerging technology events like ours encourage millions of curious minds to discover, dissect and ultimately decide their stance on a range of issues, from intellectual property and cyber security, to the future of work and beyond.

Our team work tirelessly throughout the year to analyse and carefully curate a diverse program of projects and partners from across the global technology ecosystem. We do this with a singular vision to help Australia take its place among the most innovative and impactful countries on earth.

Events hold the power to catalyse and connect segments of the community in ways that no other media channel could possibly hope to achieve. But events can also be fickle, expensive and extraordinarily complex beasts.

As attendees of Myriad 2017 now understand only too well, the same unique ingredients which can make events such powerful moments in time, also make them open to volatile externalities like socio-economics, geo-politics and of course, the bloody weather.

We have been honoured and deeply humbled by the success of our first event in 2017. But in truth, Martin and I didn’t move our respective lives here from opposite ends of the earth to just run a big party with some cool people in the rain.

Laying a strong foundation

Myriad is a global media platform, based on an extremely successful model, customised and built tough to our unique Aussie specifications. This platform has been designed to support a series of programs and bleeding-edge research projects, from grassroots and community level, all the way up to experiments in social innovation, business modelling and the future of policy.

That is why, today we are thrilled to announce the second of our 5 great big crazy audacious goals for the next 5 years.

Myriad Air: The only way to fly

Following in the flight path of our good friends in Helsinki, Myriad Air will bring hundreds of the world’s brightest minds from SFO to QLD in May 2018.

More than 12 months in the making, this partnership with the amazing team at Qantas allows us to build a bridge from Silicon Valley in sunny California, to Fortitude Valley in beautiful Brisbane.

More importantly, it accelerates our vision for Australia to play a key role in the regional ecosystem — joining the dots of language and lifestyle with the unprecedented explosion of startup activity across Asia.

Put simply, the question we’d like to pose to smart Aussie founders is:

Why move your startup to Silicon Valley, when so many tech pioneers are excited to connect, support and even join you right here in Australia?

But here’s the really good news: We’d love you to be part of the fun.

  1. We’re giving away one seat on Myriad Air every month until May next year. Apply now at our website
  2. Expressions of Interest are now open too — if you’d like to speak, partner or connect with us for any reason, shoot us an email
  3. Myriad is growing, fast. We’re always looking for smart, hungry people across a whole range of backgrounds and skillsets. If you’re keen to get involved, hit us up anytime here

Thank you all so much for the support so far. We can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been cooking up.


Connecting the dot connectors

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