Local Man Yells at Ecosystem

Angela Castles
Feb 22, 2017 · 2 min read

Will Dayble from Fitzroy Academy has feels about the current startup ecosystem. Join Will and#Rant4Myriad to win tickets to Myriad 2017. Tag @myriadlive @RiverCityLabs, tell us what the Brisbane startup ecosystem needs, and don’t sugarcoat it.

Will Dayble — Fitzroy Academy

What I want at Myriad?

I want to see Australia.

I want to see our resilience, smarts and sky-high aspiration. Our home-grown realities.

Melbourne is a social enterprise capital. Sydney kills it in fintech. Tasmania made MONA. Don’t use ‘valley’ to describe any of it.

We want international investor’s calendars overflowing with meetings and deals, not sporting events.

I wanna see A.B. Original on stage spitting fury. And startup founders inspired, angry, rolling up their sleeves to start work.

We want the complex stories, not the glossy “I was naïve and it worked out” creation myth bullshit. I wanna laugh my arse off too.

Talk about the housing bubble, about a broken NBN, about possibility bubbling under the surface, and how we might unlock it together.

Tell us about the difficult, important work done on diversity and inclusion. About biotech, cleantech, and going interplanteary.

Make it about The Work, not the hype. We have time for very little else.

- Will Dayble is the founder of Fitzroy Academy. Follow him at @willdayble

Join will and tweet @myriadlive @RiverCityLabs your #Rant4Myriad detailing what you believe the Brisbane startup scene needs more of. Our favourite 2 answers will win tickets to the event! Check out our speaker lineup and ticket options at www.myriad.live


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