Putting Brisbane on the World Stage

An intro to some of the local talent kicking goals at Myriad 2017.

CEO, Gruntify

Jamie Leach is the CEO for Gruntify, an innovative tasking and data management platform taking mobile, cloud and geospatial technologies by storm. Jamie entered the high-energy and fast paced world of technology in 2014, after a long and successful career in the Australian financial industry. Under Jamie’s governance, Gruntify has grown from a small pilot project to becoming one of Australia’s most successful exports.

Founder, Hear & Say

Dimity Dornan AO is a Speech Pathologist and the Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say, which enables deaf children to listen and speak. Hear and Say provides services for over 600 children and families. Dimity has started a number of other groups including the Queensland Hearing Nexus, Human-Bionics Interface, and Bionics Queensland. Dimity received both the Women in Technology, Life Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award and Brisbane Women in Business, Innovation and Technology Award in 2016. In 2015 Dimity became a Board member of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Australia and was awarded a ‘Legend of Brisbane’ by Lord Mayor Graeme Quirk.

Founder, Josephmark

Since co-founding digital ventures studio Josephmark more than ten years ago, Ben has become an influential figure within Australia’s creative and business communities. As Founder of Josephmark, Ben leads a team who consistently creates and launches successful digital products, businesses and experiences like We Are Hunted (acquired by Twitter), Breeder, Vest, Hash and Undrtone. With a track record now garnering global attention, the Josephmark family continues to grow and expanded into North America in 2012. Ben’s underlying motivation is the desire to make this world a better place, and his fearlessness in pushing the envelope means Josephmark is an entrepreneurial business driven by ambition and curiosity.

CEO, Screen QLD

Tracey Vieira spent a decade in Los Angeles as Executive Vice President of International Production for Ausfilm. While abroad, and in partnership with Screen Queensland, she has attracted more than $1.5 billion of production spend to Australia. As CEO of Screen QLD, Tracey is responsible for growing the screen industry’s contribution to the economic and cultural wellbeing of Queensland. Tracey is also a non-executive director of MediaRING, RSPCA Queensland, QMusic and the Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board. She also sits on the Board of Advisors for the US based organisation Australians in Film.

Founder, Impact Innovation Group

Brian is the Managing Director of the Impact Innovation Group, a specialist innovation and technology commercialisation company and is the Project Director for Innovate Queensland. He has been involved in raising capital into five start-up companies, working with universities and corporates to commercialise technologies, technology scouting for multinationals, as well as the development of innovation management systems for medium sized businesses through to multinationals. In addition to his role at the Impact Innovation Group, Brian holds part-time CEO roles for the Venture Capital backed Nexgen Plants Pty Ltd (commercialising a plant virus resistance technology) and NeoRehab Pty Ltd (commercialising a telehealth software solution) and is a Director of Enterprise Access Pty Ltd, a technology commercialisation and collaboration platform.

Producer, Defiant Development

Whilst only midway through studying Game Design at The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Kim scored an Associate Producer role with Defiant Development and never looked back. In 2013 and 2014, Allom worked across her first title, Ski Safari: Adventure Time. As 2015 rolled around Allom worked on the release of Hand of Fate. The title was the first game to be funded on the Australian platform of Kickstarter. Allom has acted as the face for the title, showcasing it at PAX Aus in 2013 and 2014, as well as PAX East — Boston and PAX Prime — Seattle last year.

Want to see more local talent? Don’t miss keynotes and showcases from Colin Kinner, Mark Sowerby, Maxwell MRI, JESI and many more. To see the full list of speakers head over to www.myriad.live and peek our festival lineup. Follow us on twitter at @myriadlive for updates, wins, #rants and shoutouts.

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