Spaceship to launch at Myriad 2017

As part of Myriad’s exploration of the Future of Money and it’s kind of a big deal.

Spaceship CEO Paul Bennetts

Spaceship has been one of the most hotly anticipated launches of this year, with 25k people already on the waitlist in just their beta stage. With a name like Spaceship and a sea of hype surrounding its launch, it’s clear this superannuation fund is breaking the mould established by funds before it.

What’s the Story?

When CEO Paul Bennetts started Spaceship, he knew he wanted to invest in the future. His past as a venture capitalist and investment manager for Goldman Sachs and AirTree Ventures gave him crucial industry insight into what makes a good investment: turns out, technology is a good bet. Check out Paul’s keynote for Future of Money, and witness firsthand the launch of Spaceship at Myriad 2017.

So why is Spaceship different from your mum and pop’s super fund? It’s not all BHP and Big Four: instead, it’s focus is on technology. Here’s what the crew at Spaceship have to say about their portfolio:

Spaceship is a technology-focused Superannuation Fund offering a diversified portfolio with tech at its core, built for those with long investment horizons…We’ve seen technology completely immerse itself throughout society, but it has barely touched our Super. Until now.”

Looking to the Future

By recognising the inherent possibility and growth potential of technology, Bennetts wants to provide a bridge between the innovation we see in our daily lives and the way we invest our money. He notes, “We use Snapchat every hour, Netflix every night, Uber every weekend, and Airbnb every holiday. And yet, we haven’t seen technology spread through our super portfolios.” That is, until now: catch Paul Bennetts for Future of Money, and see firsthand the launch of Spaceship for Myriad 2017.

Want to jump the 25k person queue for Spaceship?

Friends of Myriad shouldn’t have to line-up. If you purchase tickets to Myriad you’ll also get pushed to the top of the Spaceship waitlist! Get tickets here.

It’s going to be a blast.

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