a poem, a picture… these are not to be seen and then understood or appreciated. they are to be felt in the midst of an equivalent experience to that of the one who wrote or painted them. they are to be seen as the testimony of someone who was simply living. they are to be seen as one lives, just as one sees a plant grow or hears a bird sing. one sees something there because one is also living. that painting is the testimony of a living force striving for harmony. one can only appreciate or understand something from a static position, from an unilateral and intentional point of view. only a stagnant soul can appreciate a ‘work of art’. only a living being can, while living, contemplate what others have done, not by seeing what they produced, but by seeing it through what one is doing. which is simply living.
an incredible amount of events have to get in line for a society to create a ‘work of art’ conceived as such and for ‘artists’ to emerge as a distinct individual. well, every people do what they need to do to survive in their ongoing adaptation process. and it is only when these devices are no longer effective in adaptation that they call attention: some try to change them, some try to come up with a new one. but it is always done by returning to experience itself -which is not to say to experience alone-.

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