Tips on how to travel during Coronavirus

These tips are here to help you make your next journeys a little bit safer and easier for you, as the spread of coronavirus seems unstoppable. (officially known as COVID-19)

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4 min readMar 13, 2020

Severely limit your travels

Probably the easiest tip of them all — simply limit your travel. Sounds counterintuitive for a pro-mobility startup like Skipr to say that, yet we’re here to be your co-pilot and we wouldn’t want you to get ill.

That being said, if you find yourself in dire need to travel due to business or to see your loved ones, then please limit this as much as possible or change to use alternative modes of travel which doesn’t make you go through major connecting nodes such as airports.

Limit physical contact

Quite a tricky thing to do. As you move, you will be unconsciously touching a lot of different objects, from swiping your card in the metro, touching cash, to bike handles, door, tables-you name it you’ll touch it during your day. Meaning that refraining from doing so will require you to use extra effort.

Once you become actively conscious of what you touch and work on limiting your interactions with objects, you will see how easy it can be not to always have that element of contact.

Use hand sanitiser

It is inevitable that you will be interacting with objects, I mean are you really going to skip out on your almond Mocha because of this pesky virus? No, we didn’t think so. Thus a good measure to protect yourself is to wash your hands with soap regularly. Even better if you can get a hold on a hand sanitising gel which can get rid of 99% of all bacteria. Make sure to rub the entirety of your hand, nooks and crannies, including fingernails and wrists. Pretend you’re a surgeon for a minute and that will do the trick. (How to wash your hands guide).

Face Masks

If you’re traveling close to Asia, traveling without a face mask might make you suffer from a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out) as most travellers will be wearing one.

While there’s plenty of arguments pro and against the use of face masks, it’s most likely advisable to use one while traveling through airports and going through very crowded areas prone to the transmission of the virus. While they won’t protect you entirely from air-born viruses, they can help reduce the risk of infection. Note that you will have to change these regularly based on your travel and exposure to the outside.

For example, doctors are recommended to change their masks every 2–3 hours, albeit you will not be in such an extreme environment as them, it is advisable to change these daily.

Anti Bacterial Wipes (preferably biodegradable)

Keeping a pack of biodegradable anti bacterial wipes can make your life a little easier. Light and quick to pack, these little wipes can come in handy when traveling as you might need to give something a quick clean before using it.

Take a scooter or estep, you might want to give those handles a quick wipe before heading on your next trip across town. These are prone to lots of human contact, so best make sure they are clean for your use.

Use Micro mobility

Traveling with lots of people, in confined spaces like public transportation is a perfect recipe for getting infected or catch something on top of what you already might have. You know this already when winter arrives and everyone catches a basic flu. It’s the same deal here folks, so aim to limit your use of public transport to a minimum.

This is a perfect opportunity to try out micro mobility, such as shared bikes, eSteps and scooters. Don’t forget your helmet so that you can ride safely. If you’re not a fan of micro mobility then we’d suggest it’s time to get your bike out.

The good news is that Skipr can help you find all the different modes of transport with which to move, so that’s rather handy. (currently only available in Belgium)

Be vigilant

Overall, our lasting tip is simply to be vigilant and do take unnecessary risks while traveling. From moving with big crowds, to using rest rooms or sharing a drink with colleagues. Be careful and travel safely.

Skipr is your co-pilot with the ultimate mobility app allowing you to plan, book, pay & manage all your mobility through our service.

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