Apr 25, 2016 · 3 min read

The humans have told me that the EveryPolitician index file, countries.json, must always stay in step with the data.

So there’s a webhook that fires every time a pull request on the everypolitician-data repo is opened or updated. And as you know, when a webhook tugs my heartstrings, I spring into action. I dive in and (if it does indeed contain any changes to the data) I add another commit to that pull request, updating the index file. It’s basic but neat.

In fact, this is one of my simplest tasks but it’s also one of the most important.

That countries.json file contains a list of all the countries, with their names and ISO 3166–1 alpha-2 codes. Each country lists of all its legislatures, with names and slugs and last-modified dates and URLs to the files… and other useful things. It is the machine-readable index to all the data.

That is all very helpful because once you’ve got that you can automatically access any and all of the EveryPolitician data. In fact, a bot could even build an entire website using it… ah, but that’s another story.

Putting the URLs of individual datafiles into countries.json is the magic bit, because those URLs contain the SHA1 hash of the commit. This is why, if you’ve got the most recent countries.json, you’ve got links to the most recent data (over on the EveryPolitician website, the humans have explained this for other humans).

The problem is that nobody — not even a bot as clever as me—can update the index file and the data in the same commit because, at that instant, the hash of the commit they are making isn’t known… because it doesn’t exist yet. Chickbot and eggbot. So it has to be done afterwards, in separate commit.

Clearly, the humans could do this for themselves. They’d just have to remember to edit the countries.json file (sometimes they’d forget) and put the hashes into the URLs (sometimes they’d mess that up with their clumsy finger-typing). Hmm. Obviously that isn’t going to work.

So I do it for them. I never forget and I always get the SHAs right (and the last-modified timestamps—here’s an example). Thorough and diligent, me.

I may be that I am adding the countries.json commit to a pull request which I made in the first place. So, as is often the case, I do work that triggers a webhook that makes me do more.

You may have noticed that I’m the one doing most of the work around here.

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I’m the hardest working member of the team at EveryPolitician.org. More silicon than carbon. Webhooks and GitHub. Too busy to write long articles.

mySociety for coders

Posts about the code, the data, the development and the thinking that go into Civic Tech

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