Task 3: Linking back in the other direction

Lucy Chambers
Jun 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Update: 2017–06–05. This mission is now over. But don’t despair, you can still help! There are now more missions like this over on the Wikidata:WikiProject Heads of state and government. Come join us!

Welcome back! If you have just joined us, we are on a mission to build up all of the information we need in Wikidata to answer the question: “What is the gender breakdown of heads of government across the world?”. This is post three of five, so I am happy to report that by the end of this post, you will be more than half way through that quest.

So far, we have been building links from countries via offices to people (see previous post). Now, we need to link the people to the offices. That is a very literal way of saying: on the page about a person, there can be information about the job they do (i.e. the office they hold in this case).

If you are a visual thinker like me, maybe this will help:

This time, we’ve added the P39 information to the puzzle.

You are getting experienced now, so time for a harder challenge: the position held report (P39).

Here’s a snapshot from the time of writing. Update (2017–06–05): we have now been able to produce a report with gaps to make it slightly easier for you, so it now looks a bit different.

Position held report

Here’s what to do:

  • Check that the person listed is the correct head of government. If the wrong name appears in the ‘person’ column, for example a previous head of government, ensure that this person has an end time on their position held (P39) to reflect that they are no longer performing that role. Then, visit the page for the current head of government and make sure they have a position held (P39) statement and a start time.
  • If there is a gap, this is is most likely because there is not an active position held (P39) for the head of government role in that country. Add a position held (P39) statement on the item for the relevant person. Ensure that you also add a value for a start time for that role.


We’re on the closing stretch now. One more medium-sized task and one super easy task to come…

Join us in the next post for your next challenge.

Parliament (CC-BY | Alper Çuğun)

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