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Rhapsody Bible+: Advancing to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!

All around the world, over 1 billion people are daily reading and sharing the #1 best-selling daily devotional “Rhapsody of Realities” by Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, completely free. From the desk of the same author, comes the ROR Bible+, a fully interactive Bible reader developed to deliver the most exhilarating study experience!

More Than Just A Bible

Apart from the usual electronic stationery features like note-keeping, highlighting, bookmarking etc., this novel app is built on solid interactive technologies that avail users of the opportunities to take advantage of the following extra-special features: inspirational articles reading, access all online or download versions to use offline. Read, study, meditate and triumph in life while you share your victories verses with friends.

Read The Rhapsody Bible Daily

● Experience the illumination of God’s Word in over 20+ flavors of the Rhapsody Bible,
● Switch between several Bible versions, in over 70+ languages,
● Offline Feature: Download and read ALL Bibles without Internet access,
● Read daily Rhapsody of Realities inspirational articles by the Rev. (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD.

Study & Meditate On Rhapsody Bible

● Inspirational Articles: Do topical study with hundreds of daily inspirations articles by Pastor Chris, all year round,
● Bible Study Plans: Topical study of the entire Bible using the Rhapsody 1-Year® or 2- Year® Bible Study Planners.

● Study Resources: Adopt immersive study, take advantage of study resources like the Hebrew Greek Bible, Enhanced Hebrew & Greek Dictionaries, LoveWorld Concordance, enhanced Exhaustive Strong’s concordance.
● Parallel Study: Use the Split view to enhance your Parallel Bible Study experience; comparing scriptures or scripture in one Bible Version with another.

Make The Rhapsody Bible Yours!

Customize Your Free Rhapsody Bible
● On-Screen Setting: Make the ROR Bible+ completely yours. Personalize your Bible Study experience. Adjust the fonts, font type, and color to your preference. Switch the reference letters and Strong’s numbers off/on etc.
● Easy Reading & Night Mode: Adjust font, text size, and contrast for bright or low-light.

● Highlights: Keep your favorite scripture in your choice color,
● Bookmarks: Smart utility for sharing, memorizing, finding your favorite verses,
● Share verses with friends: on social media, email, or via SMS/text,
● Notes: Keep your study notes privately, or share them with friends,
● Cloud Sync: With your free ROR Bible+ account, see all of your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, on any supported devices, just at the tap of the Sync button!

Social Evangelism With Fun!

● Share your daily reading with your friends.
● Send your notes via email, KingsChat to loved ones or evangelism contacts.

Inexhaustible Study Bibles & Resources

● Chris Oyakhilome’s Annotated Reference Study Bible
● Rhapsody of Realities Hebrew Greek Bible
● The Enhance Hebrew Dictionary
● The Enhance Greek Dictionary
● The Exhaustive Strong’s Concordance
● LoveWorld Concordance etc.

Several Rhapsody Bible Versions

The Rhapsody Bible Reader is replete with several versions of the Rhapsody of Realities Bible
● King James Version (KJV),
● New King James Version (NKJV),
● Amplified Classic Bible (AMPC),
● The Amplified Bible — 2015 Edition (AMP)
● New International Version (NIV),
● New Living Translation (NLT),
● English Standard Version (ESV),
● The Message (MSG),
● Contemporary English Version (CEV),
● World English Version (WEB),
● New Century Version (NCV) and lots more!

What If God Spoke Your Language?

Rhapsody of Realities Bible is available in more than 70+ int’l languages and still counting!
These include: English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Myanmar, Mandarin, Portuguese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Malayalam, Indonesian, Arabic, Zulu, Efik, Igbo, Tagalog, Bengali, Nepali, Swedish, Norwegian, Kazakh, Acehnese, Cebuano, Turkmen, Mongol, Javanese, Kannada, Italian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Bulgarian, Czech, Farsi, Gujarati, Hebrew, Marathi, Orija, Swahili, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Latvian etc.

Let Rhapsody Bible Read To You!

Relish inspirational audios on the go!
With Audio Bibles available in over 15+ Languages:
● English,
● Spanish,
● Mandarin,
● Arabic,
● Hindi,
● Bengali,
● Portuguese,
● Russian,
● French,
● German etc.

Connect with Rhapsody Bible+

● Contact support from inside the ROR Bible+ App
● Follow us on KingsChat app, download @:
● Keep current on our blog:
● ROR Bible+ Online:

Download the ROR Bible+ today! It’s a must-have for every student of the Word!!

@MySpot In Life

Helping mankind to find the true meaning for living!

Rhapsody Bible App

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#1 Bible Reader for the most exhilarating study experience!

@MySpot In Life

Helping mankind to find the true meaning for living!

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