How to participate in Mysterium Network Seed Round

Hello there.

We are pleased to announce that Mysterium Network Seed Round will start on 16'th of December, at approximately 12 pm GMT* (noon).

Key facts about this round:

  • Maximum goal amount: 6000 ETH
  • Minimum goal amount: 2000 ETH
  • Crowdfunding address: 0x4f529990b7f3d1fb4152736155e431c96fd86294
  • Starting block number: 2818600 (check current block no here)
  • Ending block number: 3191000
  • Smart contract will lock funds until minimum amount is reached. If minimum amount is not reached by the end date — all funds will be completely refundable by each participant.
  • Risk and Reward: 5x reward to Seed participants compared to ICO participants.

Further recommended reading about Mysterium Network project:

  1. Seed contract code and terms
  2. Step-by-step guide if your funds are in an Exchange
  3. Seed participant high risk matched with high reward
  4. Presenting Mysterium Network Vision: Decentralized VPN network
  5. Choosing focus after initial community feedback
  6. Technical Architecture of Mysterium VPN node.

* Please be advised that this is an approximate time calculation, because end of Seed round is determined by ending block number. And time of it’s mining is approximately — a midnight of February 16'th, exact time may slightly change over the course of next 2 months.


To participate in the Seed round , you will need to send ETH to the Seed address, from an address you fully control and not earlier than at the start block of the Seed round. You should use your own wallet, with a password-protected private key.

Sending ETH to a Seed address directly from an exchange will likely result in the loss of your ETH. Do not do that! Proceed with caution. If your funds are in an exchange, use this step-by-step guide.

When sending funds — use 70000 gas limit, otherwise transaction might not go through.


This Seed is our “skydive” jump. No matter how many you have done, next one is still scary. Yet one element makes this jump a bit more interesting — our chute. At the moment it’s not fully assembled. We have all the materials on hand to finish, and will do it while on “free-fall time”. We are not crazy and understand the challenge. We have 2 months to assemble it. That should be enough. It’s going to be a simple test: once 2 months are over, either we have the wings(at least minimum amount), or this project is over and you will get your money back to a single penny.

Speed is probably the essence which defines a startup. Speed usually is showing you how quick the team is to:

  • Release — learn — improve — release again?
  • Adapt to changing environment?
  • Detect ineffective ways & change them?

This “skydive” (Seed) experience will be a great test of our teams speed and adaptability skills — with you as a witness.

Speed is adaptability. Adaptability is survival. Survival is success.

You might think “this is a blind way of doing things”, our experience tells otherwise. We are applying Design Thinking Process, when creating Mysterium Dapp. We have already taken initial steps of this process. And this Seed takes us to the next phase: “Testing it”.

Risk Tolerance

We know we are early. Probably much too early for most. In order to invest into something, many would need:

  • a proven product concept — ideally a working MVP,
  • a proven business model — at least a clear business plan, value proposition, ..
  • Defined and reasonable roadmap,
  • and finally a proven team.

Would you trust me when I say that we have pretty much all of the bullet-points? Some of it is still in our heads, some of it is already in public (check our previous posts), some of it is already in the code. We have released only a fraction, because most of what’s unpublished is still in “draft mode” and will be open as soon as we are ready.

Outer edges of risk tolerance

Not all investors are created equal. When I first heard about Ethereum — I loved the vision and I loved what other knowledgeable people told me about it. That was enough for me. I fell in love with the prospect of future which they offered. Their ICO was a “no-regret kind of thing” for me, no matter how it would turn out. And I was not alone.

This is not a full ICO, so it will probably be over with just a handful of people who like the idea of building a:

Decentralized and Secure access to the Internet, which is accessed via an Open Source technology. A decentralized VPN node network owned by its participants. A network in which everyone who is participating — benefit in their own way.

If you like it and you want us to start building it, we will be happy to fulfill our promises. Thus we invite you to participate in our Seed round or even better — join us.

From me and from the rest of the team:

Thank You

Interested to learn more? Join our Slack, we’re there.