How to protect Yourself during a Token Sale?

Token Sales are a hot, maybe even hotter than hot buns these days.

Mysterium also has a coming token sale on May 30'th as well. Thus we feel obliged to talk about potential risk of being tricked and how to protect yourself.

This sudden growth attracted all sorts of fraudsters to the space — trying to trick people participating in a token sale by sending their ETH the wrong way.

One of the most common strategies for the fraudster is to imitate a team member and post messages on the company Slack, Telegram, Bitcoin talk forums — soliciting the wrong address (owned by the fraudster of course) urging people to send ETH their way. One thing to note — mostly this type of communication is constrained to chat channels.

In the face of FOMO “fear of missing out” — this is a very simple yet effective strategy, which has been repeated multiple times already.

Where to find information about Mysterium Token Sale?

Statement from Mysterium team:

Mysterium founders WILL NOT POST — token sale smart contract address on any chat channel!

Therefore if you get any message saying that this is the address where you should send your ETH, that most likely means:

It’s NOT coming from us, but from someone pretending to be Mysterium team member. And most likely they are trying to trick you into sending your ETH to the wrong address.

Don’t fall for it.

The only safe place to look for actual token sale/creation smart contract address will be on our website:

Along with the address you will also find the actual guidelines on how to participate in the sale. Nothing to worry about and no need for heavy preparations — as this will be a simple and already common process for most of you.

Don’t fall for cheap tricks neither now nor in the future — and we wish you to be vigilant and always double checking.

Best wishes from the team.