Liqui Delisting

Recently, Liqui has announced it will delist a number of tokens due to current illiquid market conditions and the MYST token has been impacted. Liqui both listed and delisted the MYST token without correspondence with our team.

We understand that some members of our token holder community are finding the current situation frustrating. In these moments we would like to get your focus back to our commitment towards product development as it always has been.

Why are we taking such a product focused stance?

Our goal is to reinvent privacy, security and freedom on the internet. In 2017 we ran an ICO issuing utility tokens. This means that our tokens will be needed to participate in the ecosystem and use our platform.

For this ecosystem to develop and grow we need the following to occur:

  • Mysterium VPN needs to gain adoption from a consumer base.
  • Mysterium Network needs to gain adoption in business to business use cases.

As such, the Mysterium Team is singularly focused on activities that drive long term benefits for the project such as our macOS alpha, Windows alpha and Mysterium Network API .

These are milestones that we believe will drive adoption for the project. We urge you to download our alpha and give us feedback. You can also host your own Myterium node to help provide a secure connection for those in need.

For those impacted by this delisting, you can transfer your MYST tokens to any ERC20 compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto.

*Always do your own due diligence and research when dealing with exchanges or wallets. Protect and backup your private keys. We take no responsibility for the results and outcomes of using third party software or platforms. We do not issue recommendations.


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