Mysterium is preparing for long road ahead

Hello world!

As some of you may know, I’m the newest member of Mysterium team, helping to communicate with everyone.

Temporary silence

So what are we doing now? Working. In fact, I’ve had a meeting with Robertas couple of days ago, and during our hour-long meeting, Robertas had to take multiple phone calls, during which I understood why the whole team was quiet: their post-token sale tasks include (meetings aside) taking care of legal matters, getting ready to move to an office in Berlin, setting up how team operates internally, looking for new team members and more.

As you know, our team is small, and while we do have industry professionals, we face issues that most small teams have to deal with — we aren’t able to do everything in one go. Certain things take quite a bit of time, like finding the right team-members, which can turn into a task taking us months to accomplish. And because we are in the process expanding the operation, there’s not much to show at the moment, hence that is one of the reasons why you haven’t heard a lot from us lately.

Right after the token sale we worked with few exchanges, which resulted successful listing of MYST token. We understand that not everyone who owns Mysterium tokens have the same goals: some are in it for the long term, some for a quick profit. We salute both ends of this spectrum, yet to understand our allegiance — we are in this for the long run. We just want to be transparent about this, so you wouldn’t have any unrealistic expectations. As a team we will be focusing on long term goals from now on. Working with exchanges is just not a part of such goals, thus we will pause our active involvement in listing MYST token on any further exchanges, instead we will be focusing on speeding up the development.

We understand, that during the past month, transparency was a somewhat missing element, so we are planning to make changes in our future communication, making it more transparent and open. But more on that later.


While Robertas is still busy with day-to-day operations, there is one team member who is currently handling all communications — Philippe (aka Phabc in our Slack). He is helping anyone on Slack with their questions or various problems, as well as guiding the community towards when needed. However, since other channels of communication were not being used, I wanted to help, as I want to empathize with the community members. I hope that my arrival to the Mysterium team will be a sign to all of you, that we are taking a step forward.

Now, let me address the main questions some of you had during the past month:

  • Bounty program: It ended on one week after the token sale, and while you cannot make any additional contributions — we are working to have them paid before August 1st. As soon as that happens, we will inform everyone in Slack and with a separate blog post about it.
  • Forming a team. We are currently looking for new “family members” in our soon-to-be Berlin office (looking mostly for developers). If you know anyone who might be a great addition to Mysterium team — please let us know.

So what does the future look like?

We’ve seen your feedback, you voiced that we can improve our communication. That’s why I am here, please talk to me or Phabc on the slack, and we will aggregate all questions/issues and will move forward on solving them.

Also starting next week, apart from Medium or Slack, we will continue to reach out via other channels like twitter, bitcointalk, telegram and reddit, which will allow us to interact with the community more.

As far as our communications go, we are promising an update once a month on the first day of each month, with occasional additional blog posts in between, once something newsworthy happens. Also we might experiment with different communication formats — like live videos from time to time, allowing everyone to get up to date on a different level.

If you want to become a part of Mysterium’s future, I would like to invite everyone to participate in our Slack channel, where you can interact with us, ask questions or troubleshoot any problems.

Also we will strive to get the community more involved, so you can always make suggestions, or help us tackle upcoming issues — just talk to us. You can do so by clicking here:

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