We have exciting updates from Q3 2018.

We’re going to be doing quarterly updates moving forward. Please let us know if you’d prefer them in a video or Medium post format.

Mysterium API updates

  • Opened the network for 3rd party node operators.
  • This means that everybody can now start hosting nodes and sharing bandwidth. Find out how you can run a Mysterium Node.
  • Implemented registering Mysterium ID on blockchain flow.
  • Adapted Mysterium API client to work on mobile operating systems to gear up for Q4 Applications milestones.

Mysterium VPN updates

Mysterium VPN Screenshot
  • We decided to pull our product under the Mysterium Network umbrella so that we didn’t have to juggle growing awareness for two different brands during the discovery phases of our project.
  • Implemented Mysterium ID on DevNet
Mysterium ID Flow Diagram

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been up to. Learn more about Mysterium ID and how payments will work within Mysterium Network.

Marketing and Business Development Updates

As new functions of the business we’ve been taking time to understand the technology that has been built to date, and how it’s going to scale for the future vision.

Deeper work to find our value proposition for immediate markets

  • Market research for B2B partnerships for Mysterium API
  • Market research for Mysterium VPN go to market

Visual identity and branding

  • Branding workshops with the wider team
  • Defining our core positioning for specific markets for Mysterium VPN and API
  • Briefing in and getting proposals and pitches from branding agencies across the blockchain and technology space.

Website Update

We’ve created more landing pages on Mysterium Network’s website which speak directly towards Mysterium node runners, alpha testers and the open source community. Please give us feedback.

Mysterium Additions

We’re excited to announce new contributors to Mysterium Network. Our team has grown significantly.

Andra Nicolau l Business Development

Andra has spent the last 7 years between Silicon Valley and Europe working as a digital strategist and systems designer. She has a degree from the University of California Berkeley in Economics and has started three companies in the commodities industry. For the past 3 years, she has been working closely with startups in the US and Europe helping them scale through innovative pricing strategies, systems & product design, strategic partnerships & management consulting. Andra is excited to begin speaking with businesses about how Mysterium API and VPN can add value.


Sharmini Ravindran l Marketing Strategist

Sharmini brings a wealth of experience in consulting and in-house marketing leadership in the blockchain/ technology industry. She founded and ran a digital consultancy working with some of the top fintechs and challenger banks in Australia. She joins us to build an agile process that helps Mysterium Network find product-market fit.


Dmitry Shikhovtsev l Backend Developer

Dimitry joins the API development team with a strong background in architecting and developing container virtualization and virtual network layers.


Viktoras Kuznecovas l Backend Developer

Viktoras identifies as a gopher at heart. He is experienced in taking an application from start to finish, setting up entire pipelines from code through to infrastructure. He joins Mysterium Network’s API team. He blogs @https://dizzy.zone


Vaidotas Smalskys l Full Stack Developer

Vaidotas brings some serious Javascript and Java muscles to the Mysterium VPN team. He joins us to help build a user-friendly decentralized VPN.


We’d like to continue doing AMAs on Reddit to create tight feedback loops within each function of the business.

Tell us which members of the team you’d like to place in the hot seat and we’ll set it up.

  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Product (API)
  • Product (VPN)
  • Development

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