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Accept the Goodness of Source Energy and See What Happens

Good vibrations beget better vibrations

the image is that of the full face of a young Asian woman with a bright smile on her face; she looked amazed and happy at the same time.
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I pulled up to my office space. It was going to be an extraordinarily good day, I felt it just after my early morning meditation. No, I do not feel this way after every meditation session, sometimes the feeling is no better than before I sit to meditate. It is what it is. On occasions you get a good clear connection to Source, other times there are so many static-y thoughts that nothing comes through. If we are regular meditators, we know how this thing goes and that there is no reason to panic. We just try again the next day.

Before going to my office I had to go into the capital to run several errands and knowing that parking would be scarce, I was beginning to feel some inkling of non-happy thoughts — I had to manifest some help.

the power that lies inside all of us

Normally, I would park and walk and try to get everything done as quickly as possible and then leave. This morning, instead of fretting and bringing negative energy to myself, I used the power that lies inside me, that lies inside of all of us to attract assistance and it came in the person of my daughter heading into town at the same time and so she volunteered to run my errands. Score 1 for good vibrations!

While sitting and waiting for her to come back to the vehicle, ( I had had to circle the block twice in order to find a pull off space) I realized that the wait was longer than necessary. If she had used the check drop box as advised, it was a simply quick drop and go. I began to wonder if there was a problem.

As I sat waiting, admittedly growing a bit impatient and not wanting to be ticketed, a young man whizzed past me on a bicycle. I recognized him immediately — a guy I was hoping to see for almost almost six months. He had no phone and not knowing where he lived, it was impossible to reach him. There was a need to speak to him about something to do with my work. Shouting his name, not knowing how he managed to hear me, but he did, he circled back and we that long awaited conversation that needed to be had. I smiled. The Forces were in full force today.

We attract what we are, it is law

By the time I finished speaking with him, dropped off my helper to her job and was on my way to mine, I was smiling broadly. I could not help myself. I laughed out loud at one point — there was no one else in my car with me so it was okay; I knew what was going on. Attraction, Attraction. Attraction. Many persons disbelieve that it could be so simple. We attract what we are. It is law.

The general consensus is that there are some Machiavellian forces orchestrating our lives and we have nothing to do with it. We are puppets on a string and we do as we are manipulated. I beg to differ.

Let me tell you the highlight of my story, it goes back to the top and my pulling up to my office space

A large delivery truck was parked in my spot. I looked at it, felt the bubble and realized I did not care one wit. It would be just as easy to park on the other street, which I did.

Approached the truck, the driver gave me the broadest smile I had seen for the year. I smiled in return and remarked, ‘good morning, you are happy. Smiles like yours are rare these days.’

He gave me an even broader grin — I did not know his lips had more space to stretch and said, ‘I am happy. I have so much to be happy about. Why should I be upset?’

This delighted me. I burst out laughing and soon the two of us were laughing for no apparent reason. The feeling was better than winning the lottery.

‘Have a good day,’ I said, when we had both settled down a bit.

‘You have a great day,’ he responded, still smiling.

And for the rest of the hours I sat in my office, I would now and again remember the smiling guy in the truck and a huge grin would come on my face.

I attracted him.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love




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