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Are You Missing That Last Bit to Solving the Asking Puzzle?

Clue — are you sure you are looking in the right place?

MINDFULNESS/SPIRITUALITY/MEDITATION Are You Missing That Last Bit to Solving the Puzzle? Clue — are you sure you are looking in the right place. The image shows a rickety path that is made from branches strapped and nailed together. On either side there are protective barriers to hold on to but they look as unstable as the floor of the bridge/path itself.
Photo by Carl Newton on Unsplash

Each time write, I try to find a different way of saying the same old story, one that has been told and sold and resold. That of belief — believing in the abundance of the universe.

Why do we so want to be the average believer, the believer that thinks that resources are finite and my getting more means less for you? Or vice versa. The universe expands as quickly as our desires; our job is to ask, and sometimes it doesn’t even have to be out loud, our desire is transmitted via our vibrations to the source that becomes it.

The ask and it shall be given unto you was no joke. It is as real as our perception of reality allows it to be. There are times when we made a concerted effort to voice our desire. We ask out loud but we do not believe that we will receive it. How then is it expected to work?

So perhaps we need to upgrade the above bit of advice and add the believing — the key to our asking being manifested.

So then, can we say, “ask and believe and it shall be given unto you?”

Believing is a strange thing. We believe what we can interpret with our physical sense and anything else outside that sphere is considered a fantasy — imagination land. Many times when we try to speak to persons about our beliefs, if they are not mainstream, we are more often than not dismissed and sent downstream in a boat without oars. We, therefore, have to learn to keep some things to ourselves until they are so ripe, so full, so ready that the naysayers would not even be heard.

Like everyone else, I have been asking and it took me a while to accept the ‘believing’ was the key to my manifestation.

It dawned on me one morning after a fairly agitating meditating session. I was not getting anywhere — in my view, and I was tempted to just call it quits and find something else to do — maybe write a story or two, when I felt an energy. It was very subtle and I almost missed it — it felt like a very light caress up my spine. I gave a sharp nod of my head as if trying to catch and interpret the sensation, it was that fleeting. Nothing else happened and I would have chalked it up to nerves if I was not familiar with the way Spirit works — no crashing thunder, no hallelujah chorus, just light and quiet — like blowing a kiss that quickly gets taken away in a cool breeze.

It was not until much later I got the sensation translated into a message. It was one word. Believe.

I knew this was the missing part to the asking puzzle — believing in the impossible and believing that is done.

A few weeks later, I heard the word — knowing…..

The story continues.

© I. Trudie Palmer
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