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Astrology: An Easy Guide to Understanding the North Node in the Birth Chart

The path to our destiny and divine calling

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Do you believe in fate? Or you don't like the thought that you are not in control of your life? I believe in fate but I also believe in free will. I believe that fate and free will coexist.

Imagine a child crawling towards a cliff. If the child keeps crawling down that path, he will fall. That is clear to you long before it is clear to the child. You have foresight while the child does not. When you pick the child up before he falls, that is fate but that does not mean that you've taken the child’s free will.

The Science of the Nodes

The Nodes are not planetary bodies. They are rather mathematical points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth. The North Node is where the Moon crosses the north point of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun), and the South Node where the Moon crosses the south point of the ecliptic.

The Theory Behind the Nodes

The Nodes describes our identity and attachments, but also our growth processes and evolution occurring on an identity level.

The north node cosmically predicts who we are destined to become. It is the North Star that leads us where we need to go. It suggests the things we need to learn and incorporate into our existing identity. When you follow the path designated by the north node, you feel more fulfilled and purposeful in life.

The South Node is where our karmic journey begins. It suggests the identity we bring with us into this world from childhood and past lives. It is our approach to life based on past experiences. It is perceived as obsolete and something one must leave behind in order to evolve and grow.

If a person has a South Node in Pisces, he or she would be expected to leave an emotional approach (Pisces) and move toward a more disciplined outlook (Virgo.)

How to Find Your Nodes

To find your nodes, you must first pull your natal/birth chart. Your birth chart is the snapshot of the skies at the time of your birth. The North and South Nodes are directly opposite each other. Together, they form the Nodal Axis. If you know your North Node is in one zodiac sign, your South Node is automatically in the opposite sign.

For example, my North Node is in Aquarius. This means that my South Node is in Leo. There are 12 signs therefore six nodal axis:

  1. Aries-Libra
  2. Taurus-Scorpio
  3. Gemini-Sagittarius
  4. Cancer-Capricorn
  5. Leo-Aquarius
  6. Virgo-Pisces

The North Node in The Signs


With the North Node in Aries, the South Node is in Libra. A North Node in Aries may need to work on balancing their own self-care with caring for others. When they focus on the self and become more comfortable being independent, they will be following the north node path. North Node in Aries has already mastered relationships and now has to master individuation. They learn to understand that it's okay to live alone sometimes without depending on others for their every need. They may be expected to leave behind the indecisive and codependent approach of the Libra and move towards the bold, assertive qualities of the Aries.


With the North Node in Taurus, the South Node is in Scorpio. A North Node in Taurus may need to leave behind the need to be constantly wrapped up in the needs of others at the expense of one's own needs and move towards learning what self-reliance really means. They learn to focus on their own comforts and needs and they understand that self-worth comes from within. They learn to build their own values, depend on themselves, and their self-worth to solve problems. A North Node in Taurus can simply enjoy life’s more serene moments without the need to start some drama.


With the North Node in Gemini, the South Node is in Sagittarius. The North Node is Gemini may learn to leave behind being preoccupied with the future and distant aims and move towards the present moment. North Node in Gemini is here to share ideas and knowledge with others whether through writing, speaking, conversation, marketing, reporting, or teaching. They learn to sit and listen to others and communicate properly without forcing their big ideas on others. They learn to weigh both options and to see both sides of a situation before making decisions.


With the North Node in Cancer, the South Node is in Capricorn. North Node in Cancer feels an internal tug-of-war between family and career. They are here to have an experience of family and creating a home base for their loved ones. Cancer is relaxed in its standards of perfection and achievement. They learn to stop being so hard on themselves, being too rigid, and they learn to take life a little less seriously. They learn that it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes and that it's okay to expose some parts of ourselves without fear. When they learn to let go of the need to control every situation, they are better able to achieve their personal and professional goals.


With the North Node in Leo, the South Node is in Aquarius. The North Node in Leo may leave behind the anti-social and secluded approach of the Aquarius and move towards the open, affectionate, and social approach of the Leo. They learn to be bold, vibrant, and not be afraid to take the spotlight when called to. They strike out in their own individual and creative path without fear. They make a conscious effort to relate to others in a more personal, open, and affectionate manner. North Node in Leo learns to be comfortable meeting new people and making new friends.


With the North Node in Virgo, the South Node is in Pisces. North Node in Virgo learns to leave the haphazard and directionless approach of the Pisces and move towards the detailed oriented and practical ways of Virgo. They learn to develop some practical rules, healthy routines, and schedules. They learn to set clear goals and they keep their heads in the game. North Node is Virgo learns to use intuition along with logic and intellect in every aspect of life. They evolve to establish boundaries and limits for themselves and others. They develop a more focused and organized mind that empowers them with confidence.


With the North Node in Libra, the South Node is in Aries. North Node in Libra is expected to move away from the aggressive and assertive approach of the Aries and move towards a kind and fair approach to life. They learn to include others and go beyond competition to form meaningful bonds. North Node in Libra learns to be sensitive to the needs and desires of others. They are here to learn lessons about commitment, relationships, and partnerships. They may have natural leadership abilities and pride themselves on being independent but they have to learn to become diplomatic in their communication style.


With the North Node in Scorpio, the South Node is in Taurus. North Node in Scorpio is called to move away from the mellow and practical ways of Taurus towards the passionate approach of Scorpio. North Node in Scorpio fears being controlled or feeling stuck and are here to release attachments to things. They are called to loosen the grasp they have on the things and people around them and to open themselves up to their soul’s need for transformation, change, and regeneration. They learn to fearlessly confront the possibility of crisis, change, and to have more magical mystical experiences.


With the North Node in Sagittarius, the South Node is in Gemini. North Node in Sagitarrius is called to move away from gossip and the mentally stimulated approach of the Gemini towards a more big pictured and expansive life of the Sagittarius. A North Node in Sagittarius learns to escape their comfort zone, move away from home, and seek out wisdom in the many corners of the earth. They learn to trust their big dreams and visions by relying more on intuition and not too heavily on logic or they may miss out on exciting adventures generated from the thrill and satisfaction of following a hunch.


With the North Node in Capricorn, the South Node is in Cancer. North Node in Capricorn is called to move away from the dependent and soft approach of Cancer towards a more strong and independent way of Capricorn. They are expected to take charge of their lives and accept responsibility for their actions. They must learn to strike a balance between sensitivity and responsibility. They learn that clinging to the comforts of childhood may hold them back from achieving a comfortable future. By defining solid goals and a mature direction in their lives, as well as letting go of over-attachment, they will be able to achieve the financial and emotional security they desperately want.


With North Node in Aquarius, the South Node is in Leo. North Node in Aquarius is expected to move away from the constant need to be seen and loved by others towards the independent and carefree approach of the Aquarius. They learn to stop being overly focused on getting what they want and learn to retreat and spend more time alone. They become comfortable in being different. North Node in Aquarius learns to let go of their fears in relationships by offering freedom to others instead of expecting others to act as they want them to. They learn that all humans are equal and are to be treated fairly. They are humanitarians, and the more they focus on ways to make a contribution, the more aligned they’ll be with their destiny.


With the North Node in Pisces, the South Node is in Virgo. North Node in Pisces is called to move away from the strict rules and details towards a “go with the flow” approach of the Pisces. They are called to stop the feelings of guilt about under-performing and to have faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan. They learn to trust and develop their intuition and imagination. North Node in Pisces learns to trust in a higher power and they learn to see the bigger picture. They learn to love themselves and others with more compassion and understanding. Once they learn to let go of the obsessions with rules, details, and fears of not doing things perfectly they achieve a greater sense of balance.

Final Thoughts

The North Node is not always a path we can explore on our own. We need help with it and we often meet people or stumble across tools that can help us learn the North Node. It is said that people don’t begin working on their North nodes until they are in the thirties. Thirty brings maturity and makes us ask the most important life questions. By thirty, a person moves away from the themes represented by the South Node and progresses toward the themes of the North Node.

Whether we work consciously on the lessons the nodes are trying to show us, natural events in our lives are likely to force us to confront them. A complete cycle of evolution would need the synthesis of both the South and North Nodes for a wholesome and complete expression. Without the South Node, we are only half ourselves.

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