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Ease Into More Fun

Can it be done

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I have stopped making rocket science of this spirituality thing. Death will reveal all the answers and until then, I plan to enjoy being here.

A few nights ago, I was at a meeting and the usual pre-meeting chit chat ensued. There was a man there and for the purposes of this story, I will call him Frank. For some reason the talk came around to God and spirituality and religion — topics I avoid discussing as much as I can. The conversation always goes in circles because everyone professes to know and no one really knows and often it is the loudest voice in the crowd that gains the most attention, whether they know what they are talking about or not. So most times I stay quiet especially since I know that A word would be echoed as soon as I say something that went against cultural and religious norms.

Frank was the loudest and wisest voice in the room that evening. He declared, “I do not know, we do not know and I think it is only when I die that everything will be revealed.

My first urge was to lean across the table to hug Frank. I simply smiled, nodded and whispered, “in a flash, we shall know, and it will all make sense.”

So since no-one really knows, why all the incessant chatter and proclamations and prognostication and condemnation — passing around blame like the collection plate in church?

I think we should just let it rest and concentrate on enjoying being in this physical existence. I for one, do not believe that I came here to suffer and pay back karma, and seek forgiveness for my sins and then die. I know me. I would not have come.

I came to enjoy being here, to revel in this wonderful human experience; engaging all my senses in this kaleidoscope of existence and be happy.

I read a piece from my friend Neera Handa Dr. She was talking about her word for 2022. It was Let’s and I love the piece she wrote.

Me, I have two words. Three is my favourite number — always desiring things in threes.

This time I settled for two: Ease and Fun. Easy Fun; Easing into Fun. Easily Fun. Go Easy, have Fun.

The other day, my gym instructor shouted at me, “come back, I know you just left the building, chop-chop, 50 on each side.

I smiled, “yes, I left. I allowed my imagination to take me to a place of ease and fun, which is definitely not here!

He was not amused.

And to think, I started writing this piece about spirituality and it morphed into something that turned out, in my view, to be even more delicious — that of ease and fun and flow and filling up on a beautiful life.

So why not give it a whirl? Start easy. We do not want to break any body parts. Decide each day which sense would be starring in your Go Easy Project. If you still have five, great; if you plan to tap into the sixth one, even better and if you have lost one or two along the way, or came here missing one or two, then double up on those that you still have — let your ears hear more music; your nose smell all the nuances of delicious fragrancies and flavors; your eyes see more love everywhere you go.

Without getting preachy, heaven forbid, I am sure you got the idea.



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