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Establishing Boundaries for Spiritual Health

Do we need them

The Energy Body. Artwork by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

I am feeling, more and more the need for non-porous boundaries in my life. Technology, I love it; it has made my life so much easier, providing more opportunities to do more and consequently expect more. And the same is true for others, they do more and expect more — they do more mobile calling and expect more answering.

My phone is being held together by scotch tape. First, I used green, and now I have covered the green with blue; I think I have a roll of orange somewhere and that will be for the third iteration; I cannot be bothered. People tell me, “I have been trying to reach you. You do not answer your phone. Why do you even have a phone?

People are good at other things, guilt tripping. They needed you and you were unavailable and so you displeased them. Your job is to keep them happy, I guess.

Most times I respond that the phone is not working properly but other times I let them know that I am neither coroner, firewoman, policewoman nor surgeon.

It is important to have boundaries; for our own peace of mind; to help us to refresh and renew and connect to ourselves when we need to.

Why is it some people do not like to connect? They get itchy in quiet as if thoughts are so uncomfortable that they literally squirm in silence.

I used to be this way. I hated silence; it was my enemy and I was always looking for some distraction from myself, from my thoughts. I had to learn, to awaken to myself and even that I had problems with. I used to wonder who coined the term silence is golden. I never found treasures in it. Until now.

Silence is golden

Now, I spend many hours alone with my thoughts. It allows me to connect, to dream, to understand myself and the workings of the universe a little better. And one thing I found out was that no rocket science was involved. We like to complicate things and believe that if it is easy to understand or to do, then it does not have value. Wrong.

I came to the realization that the Universe works on the premise of love, given and received and everything else is gravy, as they say. Why do we think so many write songs and poems about love; it really makes the world go around. It keeps our planet spinning in its orbit, the love of Source Energy for each of us.

I had to stop myself, it sounded like I was waxing preachy. Heaven forbid!

What will I do about this phone thing? I do not know. Eventually I will replace it but, in the meantime, I am enjoying the boundaries that my failing technology has created for me.

What about you? Do you still have a firm grip on your life or have you surrendered to the ringtone? Do you feel the need for boundaries, or do you suffer from severe FOMO? If so, maybe you need to make a visit to the doctor and have that part removed surgically, the fear part, the fear of missing out.

At the end of the day when we shut down our phones and we get quiet and settle into meditation, we fill our cups. We replenish.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love
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Ilis Trudie Palmer

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