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Experience the Energy and Make Your Own Magic

Learn to harness the power that lies inside

MINDFULNESS/MEDITATION/SPIRITUALITY Experience the Energy and Make Your Own Magic Learn to harness the power that lies inside. The image is that of a wizard dressed in a black robe, you cannot see his face but you can clearly see the tools he is using to create a spell. There is a frothing basin over which he is stirring with a stick, there are open books and lit candles and he is conjuring something from the basin
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I sat in my garden, feeling the energy moving and spiraling around me, so tangibly. As if I could reach out and touch it, swirling it through my fingers, directing it like a magician. I extended my hand like a superhero half expecting to see flames shoot from my fingers — there were no flames but I was all aglow.

There is this space that many of us enter from time to time — more often than not if we know how to get there. A place of unexplained bliss. It is not a cocoon for it keeps expanding in powerful concentric circles around us, touching everything and everyone that comes into our sphere. You nod your head, you know that space. You shake your head — what the hell is she talking about? You know not that space.

If you know what you know, smile. If you do not know — despair not. The space is there for all of us as long as we are willing to reach for it.

How do we reach for it, you ask? Where do I go to feel this power? To be vibrating so high that I feel like I am flying?

There are three ways that I know to get there but I am sure there are many more:-
1. Cultivate a feeling of appreciation — be thankful for what you have whether it is a little or a lot.

2. Look for ways to be happy and let how you feel be the most important thing to you. This means feel good over wanting to be right; feel good over fighting to compete with others; feel good because feeling good feels good.

3. Begin to meditate — every day. Start a few minutes a day and let it grow over time. Develop a practice that works for you. It does not matter what you do, just give yourself that time to connect with the greater energy, that greater spark, the greater you.

Then one day, without even realizing it, you will feel a bubbling inside your chest which erupts in a feeling of pure unadulterated happiness. And you will be smiling for no reason, glad you are wearing mask so no one could ask you why the smile because you are not ready to explain. Those who know will understand your smile and those who do not know will be puzzled by it.

You owe no one an explanation.

Just extend your hands to the heavens and let the feeling shoot through you, coalescing into a burst of cosmic energy so powerful that stars are created.

© I. Trudie Palmer
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I write on what pleases me, most times offering one dose of upfulness in each story.|

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