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How Do You Find Your Meditation Sweet Spot?

Find that delicious spot and let it be your hot spot to connect to your Source

The image shows three raspberry popsicles layered on each other. They are pink and you can see the pieces of the fruit in them. They are displayed on a dark background that looks like chocolateHow Do You Find Your Meditation Sweet Spot | by I. Trudie Palmer | Medium. Find your sweet spot and let it be your hot spot to connect to your Source. Practising meditation. mindfulness. How to deal with thoughts during meditation. Source Energy and me. Starting a mindfulness practice. Spirituality.
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It occurred to me early this morning how everything has its sweet spot — you know, that point where the stars align and everything is just everything and things appear perfect or as perfect as they could possibly be for that moment in time. Sweets spots are transitory and personal — what can be perfect today may not be perfect tomorrow and what may be just right for someone might not be the same for another. But what we all know and have in common is that sweet spots are, well…sweet… and there is a desire to stay in that place for as long as possible, milking every moment of it.

I found a meditative sweet spot recently. It was that point in my session when the last errant thought fell away — you know the one that had been bothering you like sandflies at dust and you sit there watching it and hoping it will just fade away but still not wanting to pay too much attention since you have learned what paying attention does to thoughts — it makes them more expansive and before you know it, you get all sidetracked from the activity you set out to do — which was some quiet meditation, and you get busy coming up with a ten-step plan to save the planet from global warming.

That sweet spot during meditation can be described as the point when the meditator feels what can be described as a detachment from the physical body — a sensation of floating and groundlessness, and a connection to something that feels bigger — a greater spark that connects to their inner spark.

I see the inner spark as that part of us that is the spirit; that part of us that came into our physical bodies for this earth experience; that part of us that is often described as the soul — a knowing, the God within.

So how do we achieve this sweet spot that in some cases may last minutes and in others can be only for a few fleeting seconds? How is it done?

And as I write this question, my mind goes back to the many times I have encouraged persons to do it their way — to choose a method that works and to do it just like that, not just like how anyone else says.

For some, they are comfortable cross-legged on a floor, back erect head held high, and for others, a large comfortable cushion to lovingly cradle the bum is their best option. Still, there are some of us who use a chair so that our backs can be supported and others of us meditate lying down, on the floor, or in a bed. We use whatever position to achieve the goal of connecting us to the greater part of who we are.

Others walk in nature, some engage in mindless activities that allow for a falling way of resistance, thus permitting the inner self to rise and connect to its greater self. There is no judgment. Comfort is key.

So as thoughts come and go, we breathe and focus — on anything that allows us an anchor to watch our thoughts without getting too engaged. We try it for short periods in the beginning until later we can engage for longer stretches of time.

The one session when it happens, where the last thoughts recede leaving a beautiful, vacuous, empty, expanding, and ever-expanding space is what I refer to as the sweet spot.

It may not happen today, or the next day or the next, but one day, as long as you keep on keeping on, you will bump into that sweet spot and your only thought would be ‘hello’.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

Author’s note:

Thanks to Kimberly Fosu and Mystic Minds Publication for sharing my ramblings into the esoteric….err… my stories.



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