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How Do You Meet Your Ancestors

Tea time and talk

Messenger. Image captured by Ilis Trudie Palmer

But how you do see them? I am looking and I do not see a thing. Words from a friend; we were talking about ancestors and spirits. I had told him some time ago that every now and again some spirit would pop in for a visit and we may have a chat.

His question came up when I asked him about two members of his family who have been having an ongoing conversation with me. I described them and he responded in surprise, that is my uncle, both uncles.

I told him that they are very much interested in his life and want to see him succeed.

Ergo, question above.

I thought about the question my friend asked for a few days. How do you really explain what you see? They are just there, in front of me and we are talking or doing what we have to do.

I tried telling him, do not look with your physical eyes, look with your inner eye. That did not help, he did not understand what I meant by inner eye and I could not explain it. Words failed me.

I continued meeting several other persons in his family or in the community; Some he knew, others he had no idea.

They were a noisy bunch, always laughing and having something to joke about; I was new to the area, I did not get the jokes; though I note several times the joke was on me.

My friend will look at me as I relate a story or describe something I am seeing.

The same eyes he was looking at me with, he wanted to use them to detect the energy of spirits. Nah.

Then it hit me! I had it! Eureka! I knew how I would explain to him and help him to ‘see.’

I know that it is not every body who sees, but I think at some level we can all communicate with our ancestors and other beings in the spiritual realm as long as we are energetically aligned.

And with this I would like to re-iterate: As long as we are energetically aligned. And you will meet the energy to which you are aligned. I say no more.

So this is what I told my friend the next time I saw him and we got around to talking about the spiritual realm:

You are an artist.

He nodded, “yes.

Do you remember how you told me that you would just sit and watch the piece until the place that you should next put brush stroke appears before you?

He nodded, “yes.

Do you see it in front of you? Do you see it with your human eyes?

He moved his head to indicate no.

My friend has been doing nothing but nodding since I started

Okay, so you see a picture, an image?

He nodded, “yes.”

Use that same place, and look for the connections with your ancestors. They will appear

He slowly nodded and said “I understand.

And then you say, (I heard you), “I am not familiar with that space. I ain’t no artist.

And I say:

We all are, just go to that place where your creative ideas come from and you will find those who still care about you, even though they are no longer here, waiting to talk with you.



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