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I Wish I Were a Spiritual Teacher

Teach, teacher

the image is of a black woman sitting on the floor while her son is on a small chair at a small desk with a pencil in his hand. On the floor are teaching materials and aids and she is trying to help him understand some concept. she is being funny so the boy is smiling. It is a happy scene.
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I wish I were a spiritual teacher, like Bob Marley and Thich Nhat Hanh — now there but still here, or those active and teaching like Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Esther Hicks and others. In the North, they say coach, so a spiritual coach. There must be something politically correct about using the word coach over teacher. I have no clue.

I grew up on Marley’s music that was always filled with spiritual messages; I was introduced to the works of Thich and Tolle, but honestly have not begun reading or absorbing much of it. I felt that I needed to be a blank slate for me to find myself. And The Tube has gifted us with the Sadhguru and the Esther Hicks, where persons like me, in far-flung places can still hear their messages. I love me some Abraham!

I would be a great teacher. I believe so, because I would not have much to say

Words, words, we really get caught up in words, trying to explain things that can only be experienced.

People ask answers all the time, they want to hear what they already know. My job would be easy.

I am seriously thinking about this.

We will have to have our spiritual gear for workshops and meetings — Onesies. and a hat? Would we need hats? A crown maybe, for when we are ready to declare ourselves kings and queens and gods? I like the idea of the onesies because we are waking up to the fullness of us.

Okay. Done.

What about training material? I may have to produce a series of ten-step programmes to enlightenment. Maybe it should be 11. Eleven is an important number for spiritualist. So The 11-Steps to Breaking the Code. That would be one of the training manuals produced. But I will tell you that you don’t have to read it, it will not necessary for where we are going.

Image will be important

Image. Would I have to work on my image? I think I’ll go with the onesie as well, but being Libra and loving style, it will have to be made of silk or satin, or some rich looking material with silver stars painted on, and moons, yes, stars and moons. But then, I may end up looking more like a witch than a spiritual teacher. Interesting comparison. What is a witch and who labels a witch, a witch?

Okay, so we have the teaching material and the image, now for the marketing. I have to get followers, not so? Or else it would not be worth my while.

Social media, we will have to create a social media monster, a good monster, using all the means these tech geniuses created for us to be social — bless their souls — The Book, The Gram, The Link, The Tube, The Twit and even The Medium. We will do what we have to do to get your attention, even if we have to use special effects to get the special effects working on you.

Then our first meeting, I will do consultations, workshops and seminars and my initial question will be:

You ready?

And when you say yes, I will ask my second,

You really ready?

And when you say yes, I will tell you,

Well, let’s go for a walk inside you.”

Ilis Trudie Palmer
One Love, Really.
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I am author to two books of tiny stories, Chronicles of an Awakening Soul (2021) and Let the Sun Shine on My Face (2022); both are available here.



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