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Ilis Trudie Palmer
Mystic Minds
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I thought I was awake, or woke, as the fashionistas like to refer to it; me walking in enlightenment, connected to consciousness and self. I was wrong.

It is a difficult job we give ourselves, when we try to make people be the best they can be; when we see their potential for greatness, and that they seem to be wasting it, sitting under a tree marking time, or so it appears to us.

I sit under trees, my second favourite past time, but I move when spirit says to move. I get up and do the inspired action that brings a desired results.

What happens when we see loved ones not moving? Is it that they don’t get inspired, or are they just being stubborn?

I have been watching a family member for a few years, marking time. I have tried in many ways to get him to do something, but to no avail.
One night I got angry and burst into hot tears. I felt helpless and useless.
When the emotions settled and the tears dried on my cheeks, I heard, “let it be.
Let it be? Let it be.

I was being asked to release my need to fix everything. Let it be. I should have known better.

You cannot manipulate, force, cajole, encourage someone to be something that he or she is not ready for. I have to let him be.

My guides schooled me.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
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Ilis Trudie Palmer
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