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Past Lives Do Not Matter

Not in the way that we think

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The thought of past lives came into my meditation while on my mat in a contemplative state. It was not a very deep one, having just simply released enough resistance to allow thoughts that connect the inner me to The Me to flow. I paused, past lives eh? So I was to take a dip into the blurry waters of past lives and what they mean to us in our present?

My Guides have been handing me some hot button topics lately. I have the suspicion that they want to get me into some trouble. Trouble can be good at times, good trouble is always good.

If you believe in the process of reincarnation then you would believe in past lives. I mean, we have had to have come here from some past and when we leave, we become the past for our future selves like an never ending, swirling soup of expansion and foreverness — the word is eternity. We are eternal beings.

We are also smart beings and we ask a lot of questions about things that we are curious about; things we do not understand and want greater knowledge of; we ask questions and get answers that often times knock our core beliefs to the floor.

We did not know it to be that way; it was not taught to us like that; our religion, our culture, our society had inculcated in us a different view. I do not think I want to ask any more questions, well…. maybe this last one, on past lives. What do you know about it?

Is there some newer understanding to glean?

And I am sure as you continue to read this piece, you figure that you may learn something, glean some newer understanding into this past lives story.

I have seen several of my past lives — those where I was reincarnated in this physical plane. I have not attempted to look beyond this sphere though I have met what we could consider alien beings a time or two during my meditative practices. It is always the eyes — bright emerald green, glowing, mesmerizing. I recall my first meeting with one in the human form of a little girl. She had the eyes. She just could not hide them and she stared at me. She looked about 5 or 6 years old. I asked her what was her mission but she did not respond. At least there is no recollection of her giving me an answer. My other past lives would be of little interest to you as I have made them of little interest to me.

It has since dawned on me that past lives do not matter because all of our power is now. We are here now. We came to experience now. We are creating now. We are loving and feeling and living and laughing now. It is now, now, now.

You may argue that knowledge of our past lives may help us to live out our present lives to its fullest. There may be skills we had developed or knowledge we had gained in former lifetimes that may of be use now. And I say, okay…perhaps. But you know what, if they are important for our now, we would know — the skill and the information will come to us intuitively. That is why a child becomes a virtuoso at age five. He or she brought forward the skills and talent needed for this lifetime. But did the child go searching and digging, asking about past lives? No, it just came because it was necessary for now.

There is really no need to go digging. During meditation or quiet moments, thoughts might come, you may see glimpses of what were past lives but like a movie, you watch them and let them move off the screen of your consciousness.

It is now, now, now

If you are curious to know more, by all means go and find someone who can help you to see more; it might turn out to be a good show.

It is really a true statement that says we have all that we need to live in our now.

And when we move on to the next iteration of our becoming and expanding and contributing to universal expansion, what we are living now would be a past life and it would not matter then either.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love




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