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Reach for the Abundance That Is Always Available

Why not accept the offerings from the universe

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I always meditate before I write my spiritually-based blog stories with most times not having any idea as to what might bubble up to the surface. There are times when I go into my quiet space with an idea that I figure would be a good to share one based on what I had been experiencing or seeing others experience in their lives and on occasions, I get the affirmative, the ‘go-ahead’ while other times I get the ‘no, write on this instead’. Today it was a little of both.

Last evening, I was speaking to a family member and was telling her that I expect my next source of income to be three times as much as my current stream. She has no idea what my now income is but she figured that anything three times as much as whatever it is now must be asking a lot.

I watched in amusement as her very large almond-shaped eyes widened into small saucers. She opened her mouth, closed it, re-opened it, and then said, “I know you crazy from long* time.

Her response was not shocking though a bit disappointing — not the calling me crazy part, that I have grown long accustomed to, it was the disbelief that not just me, but that anyone can increase their source of revenue by so much.

How can we, on this small planet called earth, look up into the night sky, see and experience the vastness of the universe and believe that we cannot have as much of whatever we want? How can we perceive something as less than when we see a universe so abundant and ready to fulfill our wishes, dreams, and desires; with the requirement being to just line up and receive them? I admit that the work is in the ‘lining up’ but it is not an impossible task and has been achieved by many over and over again.

I felt that this was a timely topic to write on, “Believe, Expect and Receive the Blessings of the Universe.

So back to my meditative consultative process; I was speaking about receiving topics from my guides…… so as I sat down, I asked if sharing the experience with my family member was a good one.

There was no answer for a while.

Other things came up (some of which I will talk about in future stories if they resurface again) until I heard the words “On Demand.” Intuitively I knew that whatever I write about should incorporate the meaning behind this phrase.

Later, before sitting down to write, I turned to the dictionary for some clarity and found that according to Cambridge online, when something was ‘on demand’ it was available for when a customer wants or asks for it.

The message to share was clear and simple and dovetailed into my initial idea perfectly. My hearing the phrase ‘On Demand’ was them telling me that the abundance of the Universe was on-demand, whenever we choose to ask for it.

I do not make these things up, I simply write and share.

*Caribbean dialect meaning, I know you have been crazy for a long time.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love

I would like to thank Kimberly Fosu and Mystic Minds for always posting my stories — from the little weird to the lotta weird.



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